Crowder Announces Employee and Service Awards

2024 End of Year Award Winners

Neosho, MO – Crowder College administration, faculty, and staff gathered to celebrate employee service milestones and awards in the Elsie Plaster Community Center.

Three employees are selected annually for Faculty, Classified, and Professional Staff awards. This year’s recipients are:

  • Classified staff: Rebecca Denison, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Professional staff: Robin Wolven, Access Librarian
  • Faculty: Stephanie Witcher, Communications Instructor/Division Chair

Awards are selected based on nominations by peers.

Service awards were also presented as follows:

  • 5 years: Hillarie Buholt, Renee Bridges, Paul DeNisco, Grace Dunlap, Summer Farnsworth, Nathan Fent, Courtney Goetz, Amber Hatfield, Carly Jones, Jaclyn Kidd, John Larson, Savannah Lawrence, KA’Sandra Leer, Jaclyn Link, Michael Lutz, Brandy May, Greg Murdock, Josh Novak, McKenzie Nygren, Yoanna Regis, Tanner Simmons, Kayla Ward 
  • 10 years: Joseph Brenner, Jared Brown, Denna Clymer, Heather Flint, Aaron Divine, Mike Fox, Terri Frye, Staci Garvin, Jenny Gilbert, Jared Moore, Shandra Stephens, Missy Williams, Stephanie Witcher 
  • 15 years: David Jamieson, Kim Patrick, Sandy Wilson
  • 20 years: Leasa Evans, Amy Frieling, Savi Senanayake, Sherry Wilson  
  • 25 years: Juli DeNisco, Julie Dobbs, Jerri Hudson, Darrin Pfeifly, Jamie Stanley  
  • 30 years: Latonia Bailey

Retirees were also honored: Becky Shaw, Dr. David Prigel, DVM, Joan Wilson, Terri Frye, and Jane Gray.

This year, Crowder College presented “Value” awards based on nominations from peers. The honored employees represent the five values of the College as follows:

  • We are passionate about making a difference: Jamie Emery, Director of Maddox Hill Behavior Support Center
  • We care about one another: Mickie Mahan, Human Resources Generalist
  • We cultivate curiosity and innovation: Leandra Toomoth, Instructional Designer
  • We respect diverse perspectives: Jaclyn Kidd, Sr. Graphic Designer
  • We learn from our mistakes: Elizabeth Armstrong, Executive Assistant to the President