Crowder Student-Athletes Earn National All-Academic Honor

2023 NJCAA All-Academic Awards

Neosho, MO – The National Junior College Athletic Associate announced 2022-23 All-Academic awards with 50 Crowder College Roughrider-student athletes on the list. Team academic honors were also announced with Crowder’s baseball, softball, women’s basketball, men’s cross country, women’s cross country, and men’s golf teams making the list.

“What an honor to work in an athletic department whose coaches stress the importance of classroom performance as much as athletic performance,” Crowder College Athletic Director Brandi Arthur said. “Many thanks to the multiple individuals in various departments on campus that make this academic success possible. Thank you, athletes, for getting it done in the classroom! You won’t all have the opportunity to extend your playing career beyond Crowder College, but every one of you will take with you the discipline and work ethic it takes to achieve at such a high academic level.”

To earn recognition a student-athlete must earn the following:

NJCAA 1st team – 4.0 grade point average
NJCAA 2nd team – 3.80-3.99 grade point average
NJCAA 3rd team – 3.60-3.79 grade point average

Teams are recognized with a total grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

A complete list of Roughrider student-athletes includes:

1st Team

Brock Bearden                   Baseball

Brett Gastman                   Baseball

Landon Grigg                    Baseball

Joseph Hackman              Baseball

Riely Hunsaker                 Baseball

Jaxon McAuliff                  Baseball

Nick Moten                        Baseball

Noah Smallwood              Baseball

Kaden Zarowny                 Baseball

Martyna Adamczewska Basketball

Claire Affolter                    Basketball

Taniya Corley                     Basketball

Jaelin Glass                         Basketball

Riah Robinson                    Basketball

Fuukai Imamura               M Soccer

James Terry                        M Soccer

Austyn Mickey                   W Soccer

Christian Long                    M Cross Country

Jordyn Stafford                 W Cross Country

Carlee Durham                  Softball

Trenity Miller                     Softball

Macie Sawney                   Softball

Dixie Gruber                      Softball

Debra Winrod                    Softball

2nd Team

Reece McWilliams            Baseball

Colby Morrow                   Baseball

Gavin Siegfried                 Baseball

Gage Watson                     Baseball

Louis Pryce                          M Soccer

Aubree Chisam                 Softball

Jensyn Elder                       Softball

Aidan Dayberry                 Softball

Jayley Hayes                      Softball

Jacob Bennion                   M Cross Country

Ellie Hicks                            W Cross Country

Kandyce Reynolds            W Cross Country

3rd Team

Ethan Fender                     Baseball

Colby Morrow                   Baseball

Kolton Reynolds                Baseball

Grant Rhodes                     Baseball

Rhett Richardson              Baseball

Josey Adams                      Basketball

Skyeler Layman                 Basketball

William Rader                    M Golf

Carson Wampler               M Golf

Kylan Almond                    M Soccer

Jasmine Brown                  W Soccer

Halle Hernandez              W Soccer

Alaura Padgett                  Softball

Natalie Rodriguez            Softball

Laynee Tapp                       Softball

Kinyon Decorte                 Softball