Spring 2021 Dean’s List honors

June 2, 2021

For Immediate Release
Office of Public Information
Crowder College

RE: Spring 2021 Dean’s List Announced

Neosho, MO – Crowder College had 549 students earn Dean’s list recognition for the Spring 2021 semester. To achieve this honor, a student must earn a 3.5 grade point average or higher while taking a minimum of 12 credit hours.

The following list contains students sorted by city, state in alphabetical order:

Kelli          Trent                         Alba                     MO
Konnor         Tidman                        Amoret                   MO
Kennedy        Beshears                      Anderson                 MO
Rylie          Hackett                       Anderson                 MO
Joshua         Helms                         Anderson                 MO
Makayla        Keith                         Anderson                 MO
Hailey         Knadle                        Anderson                 MO
Gabriel        Lovatt-Sutton                 Anderson                 MO
Ashley         Morris                        Anderson                 MO
Daisy          Solano                        Anderson                 MO
Makayla        Stone                         Anderson                 MO
Anastasia      Vance                         Anderson                 MO
Timothy        Wallberg                      Anderson                 MO
Sierra         Wilson                        Anderson                 MO
Edi            Zacarias                      Anderson                 MO
Chase          Daniel                        Arcola                   MO
Stefy          Avila                         Aurora                   MO
Makenna        Besett                        Aurora                   MO
Mikailey       Butts                         Aurora                   MO
Mackenzie      Hall                          Aurora                   MO
Joseph         Hargus                        Aurora                   MO
Xane           Shirley                       Aurora                   MO
Andrew         Shoemaker                     Aurora                   MO
Madison        Siegrist                      Aurora                   MO
Gage           Singer                        Aurora                   MO
Maddy          Swearingen                    Aurora                   MO
Logan          Bell                          Austin                   AR
Savannah       Lovell                        Baxter Springs           KS
Wyatt          Day                           Bella Vista              AR
Melissa        Morgan                        Bella Vista              AR
Bailey         Buffington                    Benton                   AR
Tia            Berger                        Bentonville              AR
Parker         Charlton                      Bentonville              AR
Conner         Floyd                         Bentonville              AR
Michelle       Hester                        Bentonville              AR
Hailey         Roderique                     Bentonville              AR
Ethan          Stockdale                     Bentonville              AR
Maddox         Thornton                      Bentonville              AR
Autumn         Wiltshire                     Billings                 MO
Reece          Lang                          Boonville                MO
Isaque         Bernardo                      Branson                  MO
Hannah         Green                         Branson                  MO
Mariana        Ribeiro                       Branson                  MO
Bonnie         Moore                         Bronaugh                 MO
Shakira        Agunbiade                     Butler                   MO
Jayde          Eidson                        Butler                   MO
Lindsey        Hubbard                       Butler                   MO
Lanie          Kauffman                      Butler                   MO
Oscar          Salas                         Butterfield              MO
Brenlea        Boyd                          Carl Junction            MO
Brooke         Buffington                    Carl Junction            MO
Darrian        Haralson                      Carl Junction            MO
Marcella       Marshall                      Carl Junction            MO
Jack           Merrithew                     Carl Junction            MO
Carson         Miller                        Carl Junction            MO
Chad           Shepherd                      Carl Junction            MO
Anna           Smith                         Carl Junction            MO
Morgan         Soetaert                      Carl Junction            MO
Taylor         Storm                         Carl Junction            MO
Addison        Tholen                        Carl Junction            MO
Jesse          Tobolski                      Carl Junction            MO
Sheila         Dilley                        Carterville              MO
Kaylee         Stapleton                     Carterville              MO
Maddison       Adams                         Carthage                 MO
Julissa        Amezcua                       Carthage                 MO
Raul           Basulto                       Carthage                 MO
Ryan           Boggs                         Carthage                 MO
Katelyn        Bowers                        Carthage                 MO
Trevor         Byington                      Carthage                 MO
Madison        Campbell                      Carthage                 MO
Colton         DeWitt                        Carthage                 MO
Selvin         Estrada                       Carthage                 MO
Carla          Garcia                        Carthage                 MO
Lauren         Gilbreath                     Carthage                 MO
Kelly          Goeken                        Carthage                 MO
Bruce          Graber                        Carthage                 MO
Scott          Guerra                        Carthage                 MO
Hannah         Hilsenbeck                    Carthage                 MO
Timothy        Hood                          Carthage                 MO
Monica         Huinac Lopez                  Carthage                 MO
Gabrielle      Johnson                       Carthage                 MO
Zoe            Johnson                       Carthage                 MO
Dylan          Jones                         Carthage                 MO
Jericha        Lambeth                       Carthage                 MO
Julia          Linder                        Carthage                 MO
Norma          Marquez                       Carthage                 MO
Sarah          Maynard                       Carthage                 MO
Tucker         Negrette                      Carthage                 MO
Emily          Nevills                       Carthage                 MO
James          Nguyen                        Carthage                 MO
Dana           Oxford                        Carthage                 MO
Fanny          Perez                         Carthage                 MO
Eymi           Perez-Lopez                   Carthage                 MO
Kaylin         Portillo                      Carthage                 MO
Kerstyn        Rolf                          Carthage                 MO
Kaden          Shelvey                       Carthage                 MO
Jared          Steinbach                     Carthage                 MO
Alexander      Winemiller                    Carthage                 MO
Samantha       Blangger                      Cassville                MO
Kobe           Blisard                       Cassville                MO
Dylan          Bridges                       Cassville                MO
Angela         Brown                         Cassville                MO
Laura          Burton                        Cassville                MO
Kimberly       Coolidge                      Cassville                MO
Michaela       Cotton                        Cassville                MO
Tressa         Hilburn                       Cassville                MO
William        King                          Cassville                MO
Angelina       Liggett                       Cassville                MO
Abigail        McCollough                    Cassville                MO
Taylor         McDonald                      Cassville                MO
Angela         Meza                          Cassville                MO
Michael        Ortiz                         Cassville                MO
Macey          Parsons                       Cassville                MO
Austin         Reed-Utter                    Cassville                MO
Camden         Roller                        Cassville                MO
Seth           Stockton                      Cassville                MO
Jacob          Thomas                        Cassville                MO
Caison         Uthe                          Cassville                MO
Breven         Yarbro                        Chaffee                  MO
Trevor         Desiderio                     Chandler                 AZ
Ashley         Copeland                      Colcord                  OK
Clayton        Saporito                      Columbus                 KS
James          Hicks                         Conway                   AR
T’yauna        Rector                        Conway                   AR
Lyndsay        Atkinson                      Diamond                  MO
Samantha       Byers                         Diamond                  MO
Drew           Englert                       Diamond                  MO
Nekoda         Kimbrough                     Diamond                  MO
Nicole         Kost                          Diamond                  MO
Dennis         Raben                         Diamond                  MO
Josslyn        Thompson                      Diamond                  MO
Camille        Barnes                        Dubois                   WY
Tommy          Bowen                         El Dorado Springs        MO
Ashlie         Herrera                       El Dorado Springs        MO
Abigail        Klaiber                       El Dorado Springs        MO
Robert         La Falce                      El Dorado Springs        MO
Hailey         McGatha                       El Dorado Springs        MO
Arielle        Pike                          El Dorado Springs        MO
Justin         Rogoway                       El Dorado Springs        MO
Dakota         Marchington                   El Mirage                AZ
Sarah          Burton                        Exeter                   MO
Wyatt          Hoppes                        Exeter                   MO
Stephanie      Still                         Exeter                   MO
Jasmine        Cook                          Fairview                 MO
Efren          Hinojosa                      Fairview                 MO
Babe’Briann    Herlein                       Fayetteville             AR
Sophia         Hollingsworth                 Fayetteville             AR
Fiona          Wilson                        Fayetteville             AR
Emily          Shipman                       Forsyth                  MO
Garrett        Schmidt                       Freistatt                MO
Karma          Fields                        Frontenac                KS
Cody           Donley                        Gainesville              MO
Brooke         Hultz                         Galena                   MO
Amy            Doubrava                      Girard                   KS
Eliab          Cifuentes                     Golden City              MO
Hannah         Foiles                        Golden City              MO
Kadie          Henderson                     Golden City              MO
Matthew        Weiser                        Golden City              MO
Dalton         Bullington                    Goodman                  MO
Dennis         Harp                          Goodman                  MO
Vanessa        Heckmaster                    Goodman                  MO
Olivia         Kellstadt                     Goodman                  MO
Jacob          Misiorowski                   Grain Valley             MO
Della          Arnall                        Granby                   MO
Kaleb          Bell                          Granby                   MO
Sidney         Burnett                       Granby                   MO
Julianna       Crumpton                      Granby                   MO
Savannah       Divine                        Granby                   MO
Jacob          Glaubitz                      Granby                   MO
Jenah          Graffis                       Granby                   MO
Emily          Hance                         Granby                   MO
Caleb          Hatfield                      Granby                   MO
Michael        Hellums                       Granby                   MO
Travis         Hellums                       Granby                   MO
Robin          Hussong                       Granby                   MO
Eleana         Jackson                       Granby                   MO
Amy            Jones                         Granby                   MO
Emma           McDermott                     Granby                   MO
Madison        McDermott                     Granby                   MO
Ophelia        Pugh-Towe                     Granby                   MO
Shania         Rosenow                       Granby                   MO
Macy           Smith                         Granby                   MO
Natalie        Spears                        Granby                   MO
Chelsie        Sutton                        Granby                   MO
Layla          Berger                        Gravette                 AR
Morgen         Puryear                       Gravette                 AR
Ryan           Saathoff                      Gravette                 AR
Marissa        Smith                         Haskell                  OK
Hanna          Graves                        Hiwasse                  AR
Ana            Tapia-Martinez                Holiday Island           AR
Logan          Chambers                      Hot Springs              AR
Layknn         Moore                         Hume                     MO
Zachary        Voss                          Iberia                   MO
Amanda         Carr                          Jane                     MO
Megan          Fisher                        Jasper                   MO
Andrew         Garrison                      Jasper                   MO
Kristy         Holliday                      Jasper                   MO
Caitlyn        Kinsey                        Jasper                   MO
Samson         Mouser                        Jasper                   MO
Alexander      Pittsley                      Jasper                   MO
Cody           Schultz                       Jasper                   MO
Brittany       Agans                         Joplin                   MO
Jacob          Bogar                         Joplin                   MO
Samuel         Box                           Joplin                   MO
Brett          Buehler                       Joplin                   MO
Madeline       Carey                         Joplin                   MO
Charles        Catlett                       Joplin                   MO
Dayle          Clark                         Joplin                   MO
Dustin         Clevenger                     Joplin                   MO
Cassidy        Collette                      Joplin                   MO
Mallory        Cravens                       Joplin                   MO
Kiel           Davies                        Joplin                   MO
Bridgett       Dillingham                    Joplin                   MO
Kara           Evansco                       Joplin                   MO
Kylee          Friend                        Joplin                   MO
Patrick        Gilstrap                      Joplin                   MO
Brandon        Griffitt                      Joplin                   MO
Cooper         Hale                          Joplin                   MO
Matthew        Hampton                       Joplin                   MO
Layne          Henning                       Joplin                   MO
Caroline       Hensley                       Joplin                   MO
Trevor         Herndon                       Joplin                   MO
Korah          Higdon                        Joplin                   MO
Hannah         Hilsabeck                     Joplin                   MO
Angelina       Huebner                       Joplin                   MO
Asia           Huffman                       Joplin                   MO
Jacob          Humphrey                      Joplin                   MO
Alexzandra     Iverson                       Joplin                   MO
Lucas          Jobes                         Joplin                   MO
John           Johnson                       Joplin                   MO
Sarah          Jones                         Joplin                   MO
Blair          Jordan                        Joplin                   MO
Abigail        Knorpp                        Joplin                   MO
Kristina       Kyser                         Joplin                   MO
Megan          Landsaw                       Joplin                   MO
April          Love                          Joplin                   MO
Michael        McGuire                       Joplin                   MO
Amy            Miles                         Joplin                   MO
Hannah         Miller                        Joplin                   MO
Christopher    Million                       Joplin                   MO
Lauren         O’Hare                        Joplin                   MO
Galilea        Orozco                        Joplin                   MO
Chelcianna     Pavlovic                      Joplin                   MO
Nicki          Perez                         Joplin                   MO
Dylan          Pusley                        Joplin                   MO
Shawna         Rambo                         Joplin                   MO
Fredy          Reyes-Ortega                  Joplin                   MO
Riley          Rifenbark                     Joplin                   MO
Andrew         Romero                        Joplin                   MO
Chloe          Schulte                       Joplin                   MO
Korina         Self                          Joplin                   MO
Ali            Sparlin                       Joplin                   MO
Samantha       Spaulding                     Joplin                   MO
Gibson         Sweet                         Joplin                   MO
Shauna         Switzer                       Joplin                   MO
Adlyn          Thomas                        Joplin                   MO
Jerod          Thomas                        Joplin                   MO
Kaytlynn       Thomas                        Joplin                   MO
Hannah         Turner                        Joplin                   MO
Steven         Ward                          Joplin                   MO
Machaira       Wasson                        Joplin                   MO
Kelsey         Williams                      Joplin                   MO
Kasandra       Wright                        Joplin                   MO
Jacqueline     Yarbrough                     Joplin                   MO
Joshua         Yarnall                       Joplin                   MO
Ante           Santic                        Kastel Novi               
Divine         Kamukanda                     Kirksville               MO
Lisa           Colley                        La Russell               MO
Caleb          Fausett                       Lamar                    MO
Clayton        Winslow                       Lamar                    MO
Ashlee         Kurfman                       Laquey                   MO
Angelo         Castanos                      Lawrence                 MA
Avery          Nelson                        Lebanon                  MO
Khalia         Sherrod                       Lee’s Summit             MO
Kenneth        Harris                        Little Rock              AR
Raegan         Snider                        Lockwood                 MO
Leah           Scott                         Loma Linda               MO
Brooke         Wear                          Loma Linda               MO
Viridiana      Hurtado                       Lowell                   AR
Cole           Agemy                         Macomb                   MI
Tisha          Richmond                      Maywood                  MO
Ian            Palmer                        Mead                     CO
Lance          Swisher                       Miami                    OK
Misael         Baltazar Ojeda                Milan                    MO
Caleb          Hollis                        Mission                  TX
Melina         Africa                        Monett                   MO
Victor         Alvarado                      Monett                   MO
Derrol         Armstrong                     Monett                   MO
Anthony        Benavidez                     Monett                   MO
Xavier         Carlill                       Monett                   MO
Freddy         Cerrano                       Monett                   MO
Samantha       Crow                          Monett                   MO
Carmen         Fillinger                     Monett                   MO
Ashlie         Gaches                        Monett                   MO
Cynthia        Lahey                         Monett                   MO
Ana            Lesue                         Monett                   MO
Emily          Payne                         Monett                   MO
Jason          Puente                        Monett                   MO
Shubhechhya    Shrestha                      Monett                   MO
Drake          Slagle                        Monett                   MO
Eliana         Whisman                       Monett                   MO
Grace          Wormington                    Monett                   MO
Kassie         Mayberry                      Mounds                   OK
Megan          Newton                        Mount Vernon             MO
Alexandria     West                          Mount Vernon             MO
Ciarra         Backes                        Neosho                   MO
Emaili         Bartlett                      Neosho                   MO
Macy           Bowman                        Neosho                   MO
Joanna         Brant                         Neosho                   MO
Jeremy         Brown                         Neosho                   MO
Oliver         Brown                         Neosho                   MO
Rachel         Campbell                      Neosho                   MO
Mason          Casey                         Neosho                   MO
Aracely        Cifuentes Rodriguez           Neosho                   MO
Joshua         Cook                          Neosho                   MO
Emanuela       Cordeiro Silva Almeida        Neosho                   MO
Nathan         Culp                          Neosho                   MO
Olivia         Dugan                         Neosho                   MO
Emily          Emmert                        Neosho                   MO
Emily          Evans                         Neosho                   MO
Miranda        Fletcher                      Neosho                   MO
Brady          Franklin                      Neosho                   MO
Riley          Funk                          Neosho                   MO
Ian            Gayer                         Neosho                   MO
Coree          Gillum                        Neosho                   MO
Dora           Gilreath                      Neosho                   MO
Nathalia       Gomes da Silva                Neosho                   MO
Simon          Grinberg                      Neosho                   MO
Lea            Henley                        Neosho                   MO
Gloria         Hernandez                     Neosho                   MO
Patrick        Hilgenberg                    Neosho                   MO
Garrett        Hobbs                         Neosho                   MO
Seth           Hogue                         Neosho                   MO
Connor         Hughes                        Neosho                   MO
Jade           Humphrey                      Neosho                   MO
Allison        Hunt                          Neosho                   MO
Troy           Hunter                        Neosho                   MO
Bridgette      Ioanis                        Neosho                   MO
Ernest         Ishcomer                      Neosho                   MO
Lanae          Johnson-Kleinpeter            Neosho                   MO
Gage           Kelley                        Neosho                   MO
Tyler          Kennedy                       Neosho                   MO
Clara          Keplar                        Neosho                   MO
Bethany        Kiele                         Neosho                   MO
Ghislain FranckKouam Kouam                   Neosho                   MO
Sofiia         Kregul                        Neosho                   MO
Chelsea        Lee                           Neosho                   MO
Hanna          Lett                          Neosho                   MO
Barrett        Lewis                         Neosho                   MO
Chaney         Long                          Neosho                   MO
Lauren         Love                          Neosho                   MO
Waylon         Mahan                         Neosho                   MO
Chipo          Mahwali                       Neosho                   MO
Davor          Marceta                       Neosho                   MO
Savanna        McCready                      Neosho                   MO
Jake           Meredith                      Neosho                   MO
Halley         Merrell                       Neosho                   MO
Kayden         Messerly                      Neosho                   MO
Patrick        Murphy                        Neosho                   MO
Rose           Mwaro                         Neosho                   MO
Gabriella      Nunez Caballero               Neosho                   MO
Derrick        Olsbo                         Neosho                   MO
Kristy         Pace                          Neosho                   MO
Liam           Pacheco                       Neosho                   MO
Jace           Parmley                       Neosho                   MO
Kelsey         Patrick                       Neosho                   MO
Joshua         Patterson                     Neosho                   MO
Becky          Pulliam                       Neosho                   MO
Bonnie         Ray                           Neosho                   MO
Glory          Reitz                         Neosho                   MO
Jody           Richards                      Neosho                   MO
Jonisha        Rolle                         Neosho                   MO
Tabbitha       Schmelzer                     Neosho                   MO
Ryan           Slade                         Neosho                   MO
Skyler         Smart                         Neosho                   MO
Kristal        Smith                         Neosho                   MO
Emalie         Sorrell                       Neosho                   MO
Kaitlin        Stacy                         Neosho                   MO
Christen       Storms                        Neosho                   MO
Adamo          Stornello                     Neosho                   MO
Tori           Swem                          Neosho                   MO
Nicolas        Tremblay                      Neosho                   MO
Davis          Turner                        Neosho                   MO
Toni           Tutton                        Neosho                   MO
Tori           Tutton                        Neosho                   MO
Logan          Wellesley                     Neosho                   MO
Keller         Wilson                        Neosho                   MO
Trace          Wilson                        Neosho                   MO
Jonathan       Woitowitz                     Neosho                   MO
Olivier        Zampatti                      Neosho                   MO
Jayden         Ast                           Nevada                   MO
Amber          Buckner                       Nevada                   MO
Abby           Comstock                      Nevada                   MO
Payge          Dahmer                        Nevada                   MO
Lisa           Davis                         Nevada                   MO
Lanie          Forquer                       Nevada                   MO
Madison        Harper                        Nevada                   MO
Alexander      Hauf                          Nevada                   MO
Morissa        Hernandez                     Nevada                   MO
BreAnna        Hinds                         Nevada                   MO
Callee         Jenkins                       Nevada                   MO
James          Jobe                          Nevada                   MO
Chloe          Lodestein                     Nevada                   MO
Hunter         Simmons                       Nevada                   MO
Taylar         Toole                         Nevada                   MO
Keala Pomokai  Wilde                         Nevada                   MO
Stephanie      Winter                        Nevada                   MO
Kaden          Gabriele                      Noel                     MO
Jessica        Hernandez Mendoza             Noel                     MO
Adrian         Jones                         Noel                     MO
Ryann          Rosenbohm                     Noel                     MO
Yeye           Than                          Noel                     MO
Marissa        Mitchell                      North Little Rock        AR
Annagrace      Ferrell                       Oppelo                   AR
Brayden        Dickinson                     Orem                     UT
Sophie         Berry                         Oronogo                  MO
Danielle       Clark                         Oronogo                  MO
Christopher    Swan                          Oronogo                  MO
Kaylee         Talken                        Oronogo                  MO
Nancy          Catalan                       Pea Ridge                AR
Sadie          Grigg                         Pea Ridge                AR
Joshua         Nunn                          Pea Ridge                AR
Sean           Rhuda                         Pea Ridge                AR
Amber          Ferry                         Perry                    MO
Dora           Badley                        Pierce City              MO
Paige          Lawrence                      Pierce City              MO
Kassie         Stapp                         Pierce City              MO
Jordan         Witt                          Pierce City              MO
Kayla          Blaylock                      Pineville                MO
Laney          Brock                         Pineville                MO
Joshua         Cole                          Pineville                MO
Autumn         Hottinger                     Pineville                MO
Stephen        Lant                          Pineville                MO
Rebekah        Newby                         Pineville                MO
Laynee         Tinsley                       Pineville                MO
Alexis         Gardullo                      Pittsburg                KS
Alexandria     Van Becelaere                 Pittsburg                KS
Hailey         Harmon                        Poplar Bluff             MO
Ximena         Aldava                        Purdy                    MO
Tatum          Burt                          Purdy                    MO
Michael        Foster                        Purdy                    MO
Shelby         Haskins                       Purdy                    MO
Darby          Knatcal                       Purdy                    MO
McKenzie       Renkoski                      Purdy                    MO
Erika          Rueda                         Purdy                    MO
Joelle         Wearly                        Purdy                    MO
Emily          Egger                         Reeds                    MO
Garrett        Egger                         Reeds                    MO
Elizabeth      Johnson                       Reeds                    MO
Melissa        Kingsbury                     Reeds                    MO
Rileigh        Ratliff                       Reeds                    MO
Jacob          Rickman                       Reeds                    MO
Grayson        Carter                        Republic                 MO
Elijah         Lyons                         Rich Hill                MO
Sarah          Ortmann                       Rich Hill                MO
Kylann         Tourtillott                   Rich Hill                MO
Justin         Jennings                      Richland                 MO
Caitlyn        Barton                        Rocky Comfort            MO
Jaime          Chavez Espinosa               Rogers                   AR
Ashley         Dominguez                     Rogers                   AR
Natalie        Pattyson                      Rogers                   AR
Courtney       Storey                        Rogers                   AR
Paige          Whinery                       Saint Louis              MO
Lauren         Judson                        Saint Peters             MO
Kevin          Seaver                        Salinas                  CA
Lillie         Jones                         Sarcoxie                 MO
Callie         Patterson                     Sarcoxie                 MO
Shayna         Watson                        Sarcoxie                 MO
Jenna          Burney                        Schell City              MO
Carley         Black                         Seligman                 MO
Leland         Colf                          Seligman                 MO
Karlea         Holder                        Seligman                 MO
Kamryn         Jones                         Seligman                 MO
Summer         Anderson                      Seneca                   MO
Marleigh       Beale                         Seneca                   MO
Alexis         Boese                         Seneca                   MO
Emily          Galbraith                     Seneca                   MO
Sidney         McMullen                      Seneca                   MO
Dayton         Merriman                      Seneca                   MO
Haley          Miller                        Seneca                   MO
Adriana        Murray                        Seneca                   MO
Erin           O’Brien                       Seneca                   MO
MaKenzie       Ritter                        Seneca                   MO
Jacob          Roark                         Seneca                   MO
Bailee         Sherwood                      Seneca                   MO
Jacob          Steele                        Seneca                   MO
Ashley         Vance                         Seneca                   MO
Hannah         Rainey                        Sheldon                  MO
Rebekah        Horan                         Shell City               MO
Matthew        Bonass                        Shell Knob               MO
Zylin          Jung                          Shell Knob               MO
William        Poppy                         Sherwood                 AR
Hannah         Gentry                        Siloam Springs           AR
Vanessa        Benhumea                      Southwest City           MO
Abigail        Dozal                         Southwest City           MO
Gabriel        Hernandez                     Southwest City           MO
Jerred         Robertson                     Southwest City           MO
Adam           Stoddard                      Springfield              MO
Vance          Johnson                       Stark City               MO
Tyler          Lloyd                         Stark City               MO
Austin         McCool                        Stark City               MO
David          Richardson                    Stark City               MO
Kenji          Yang                          Stark City               MO
Alyssa         Barker                        Stella                   MO
Shelby         Guinn                         Stella                   MO
Christopher    Strickland                    Stella                   MO
Zackery        Burns                         Stockton                 MO
Alexandria     Dobbins                       Stotts City              MO
Cora           Gonder                        Strafford                MO
Samuel         Cope                          Verona                   MO
Ashley         Vaught                        Verona                   MO
Thomas         Emerich                       Warrensburg              MO
Carissa        Jackson                       Washburn                 MO
Ashlyn         Pulliam                       Washburn                 MO
Maggie         Robbins                       Washburn                 MO
Micheal        Rogers                        Washburn                 MO
Dakota         Saunders                      Washburn                 MO
Karin          Adkins                        Webb City                MO
Jalen          Ansley                        Webb City                MO
Abbey          Baxley                        Webb City                MO
Baylor         Brouwer                       Webb City                MO
Lillian        Bullington                    Webb City                MO
Bayleigh       Carrier                       Webb City                MO
Jamarion       Eldridge                      Webb City                MO
Gavin          Gannaway                      Webb City                MO
Kerrington     Gannaway                      Webb City                MO
Eythan         Gilmore                       Webb City                MO
Mariah         Gregory                       Webb City                MO
Jadyn          Hamilton                      Webb City                MO
Jentry         Harpole                       Webb City                MO
Tanner         Headley                       Webb City                MO
Stephanie      Herring                       Webb City                MO
Allie          Johnson                       Webb City                MO
Madison        Laws                          Webb City                MO
Kimberly       Lemmon                        Webb City                MO
Peyton         Mason                         Webb City                MO
Lauren         McCall                        Webb City                MO
Torie          Osborn                        Webb City                MO
Manuel         Peskar                        Webb City                MO
Taryn          Pirtle                        Webb City                MO
Gage           Rossetti                      Webb City                MO
Amber          Smith                         Webb City                MO
Bailey         Smith                         Webb City                MO
Dayleigh       Smith                         Webb City                MO
Grant          Thomas                        Webb City                MO
Ethan          Trueblood                     Webb City                MO
Chloe          Blackburn                     Wentworth                MO
Courtney       Wimberly                      West Plains              MO
Tasha          Salas Castillo                Wheaton                  MO

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