Return to Campus plan – Students

Dear Crowder College Students,

We are planning on holding face to face classes in the Fall.  Social distancing will be our safety goal each day.  At this time, count on being back in school with our first day of school for the Fall 2020 semester being August 17, 2020.  Short of major reopening problems this summer, we will be back as close to normal for the Fall 2020 session.

Summer 2020 session, with instruction online, will begin on June 1, 2020.  We have a computer lab on each campus that is open for our students to use for their summer classes.  Many of the College operations have moved back to campus with some offices continuing to utilize online methods.  We are practicing social distancing on campus and the offices are meeting with students on the phone, online, or face to face with an appointment.

I have attached a plan we have developed to Return to Campus.  As we move through the summer, minor adjustments may be made.  I will send another updated Return to Campus plan towards the end of July.  If you have any questions regarding the plans, please do not hesitate to contact an advisor, instructor, or campus director.

Please stay safe and healthy!  Take care!

Dr. Glenn Coltharp, Crowder College President

Return to Campus Plan – Students

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