Servant Leadership Regional Conference

Crowder College is hosting a Servant Leadership Regional Conference. The objective is to create a forum that brings communities and leaders in the area together to identify how we can collectively serve community members related to education, workforce demands, or other fundamental needs faced by citizens. The conference will consider how community, education, and business institutions can work collectively to remove barriers, increase resources and raise our capacity to serve.

The conference will have a morning and afternoon keynote speaker with breakout sessions featuring a good mix of topics. The presenters will challenge participants to think big and envision what we can do together and how we may continue to shape our communities through the institutions of business, education, community groups, and local government by leveraging resources, knowledge, and networks.

Registration and more information about the conference and speakers can be found at:

Tickets to the conference are expected to go quickly with a maximum capacity of 250. Organizations may purchase up to five tickets as sales are limited.

Crowder College is a two-year community college located in southwest Missouri. The College adheres in both philosophy and practice to a Servant Leadership approach to institutional governance. Basic to this philosophy is the belief that a leader’s primary duty is to be a principal servant to all touched by the organization with the mission statement: Building a civil, serving, literate, learning community of responsible citizens.

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