Cassville Art Appreciation Class to Hold Mail Art Show


The Art Appreciation classes of Crowder CollegeCassville are hosting an Old-Fashioned mail art show. The idea is to have as many people as possible send a postcard with their creative response to the theme: VISIONS. An Open Call means all types of work and all entries received will be shown. The call has been posted to International mail art sites and social media. Entries have begun to arrive from around the world and the United States. Everyone is encouraged to send in their creativity, from drawings and paintings to poetry, lyrics and stories. There will be an Opening Party for the community to see everything (The Big Reveal) on Thursday, November 8 from 1-3. The postcards will be on display through the end of January, then archived in the library. Postcards become the property of Crowder College Cassville (copyright remains with the creator).


The concept of Mail Art first appeared in the 1960’s, in New York City. It is a way for all people to participate in a large community effort of creative output. There is a general theme, but it can be interpreted loosely, and there are no judges or rejections (unless deemed deliberately offensive). This becomes a product of the larger community, and the physical mail pieces hold a mystery that is more effective than looking at a computer screen image.

Please send us something if you are intrigued, and join us for the fun of discovery in seeing the wide range of responses.

If you have questions, please contact Leigh Wallace at

Last Updated on October 18, 2018 by Steven Brunson