Adult Education & Literacy Program Honors Students

March 13, 2018

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Crowder Adult Education and Literacy Program Honors Students

Noel, MO – Crowder College Adult Education and Literacy Program honored three students who were inducted into the National Adult Education Honor Society (NAEHS) last month. Mayra Franco, Alsihter Materne, and Mokhtar Jamallah all of Noel, Missouri. Mayra is a student at the Crowder College Noel Adult Education and Literacy class. Alsihter and Mohktar are students in the Crowder College Noel English as a Second Language class. Nominations were made by their instructors:
ESL Instructors, Linda Watt of Siloam Springs, AR and Eddie Gonzalez of Joplin, MO and AEL Instructor, Janna Sharp, Bella Vista AR.

Student selection is based on dependable attendance, a cooperative attitude, and work ethic. Their only obligation is to share with others what adult education has meant to them and encourage family members to take advantage of their local adult education program.

“Mokhtar has been and continues to be a hard worker. He is determined to learn English and will succeed. He is working full time at Tyson’s in Noel comes to class every day. Hard work and integrity are what characterize Mokhtar. He wants to succeed and to attain his goals. Balancing long hard hours learning English has not been easy for him, but he has stuck with it. He is also determined to become a U.S. citizen and has been diligent in studying for his citizenship exam, “explained Watt in her nomination.

Sharp spoke about Mayra Franco, “She has regular attendance and works well with all students she completes all class work and assists others anytime she is asked. She has a servant’s heart!”

Gonzalez explained why he nominated Alsihter Materne, “She shows up early every day and is involved in every aspect of class time. She attends two different levels of ESL and also attends the Citizenship and History class two days a week.”

All new NAEHS members receive a letter of recommendation from their NAEHS chapter. Students should be encouraged to attach a copy of this letter when seeking employment or promotion. The letter emphasizes demonstrated dependable attendance, cooperation, and work ethic. Potential employers seek these attributes.

Noel AEL will be enrolling additional dates in March and April. The classes are located in the Noel Housing Authority Office Building on 628 B Johnson Drive. The class phone is 417-456-1184.

Noel ESL will be enrolling on Thursday, March 15th. This will be the last enrollment date until August. The Noel ESL classes are held at the Family Life Center at 403 Gratz Street. The class phone is 417-291-7433.



Mokhtar Jamallah is presented his award by Juli Denisco, AEL Director & Linda Watt, instructor




Mayra Franco, Alsihter Materne, and Juli Denisco, AEL Director.

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