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Instructor with Student

Have you ever thought about driving a big truck?

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the world of eighteen wheelers?

Can you be a trucker?

It looks interesting, but too complicated?

How could anyone begin to maneuver one of those huge vehicles?

Well, you can!

Student Opening Hood of Truck

Not only is it possible for almost anyone, men & women to enter into the world of transportation, but you will be entering a necessary part of the economy and one that is constantly in high demand for professional drivers.

Everything you will ever need to know is right here at the Crowder College Professional Driver Training School, including how to find some of the most incredible jobs! So get with it!

Learn what it takes to get paid doing what others are willing to pay for the privilege of doing. With us as your guide you will be able to get out and see the sights, be on a permanent vacation, and you will learn just what it takes to become happily involved as a Professional Driver.



25 day on-campus course – $3,950