English Language Institute

ELI Pamphlet (English) (Français) (Español) (Português) ( لعربية )

Crowder College, a Higher Learning Commission accredited institution, provides the English Language Institute (ELI) to support the language, educational, and cultural needs of non-native English speakers. The ELI is housed within the Developmental Studies Division and delivers a portion of English language learners’ coursework to facilitate students’ success within their programs-of-study for their declared majors.

The Crowder College English Language Institute Mission is…

to assist students with whom English is their second language in language acquisition through study that is contextual, challenging, and appropriately intensive. The English language faculty will assist students not only in course work, but also assessment, advisement, peer tutoring, mentoring, cultural assimilation, and cultural activities. In fulfilling this mission, the English Language Institute will provide each student the level of English competency required to enter into their desired field of study. Each student will be prepared to be successful college degree-seeking students.

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Mark Shryock
English Language Coordinator/Instructor
E-mail MarkShryock@crowder.edu
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