What Qualifies for Service Seed Hours

Volunteer service qualifies for Crowder hours when no pay is received and…

  • It is performed for a nonprofit organization
  • It is completed outside of class
  • It is not required for an additional class grade (other than COLL 101) or for the courts
  • It benefits a community or its institutions

The following will not be accepted as community service:

  • Gardening for someone who is too busy to do it (there is no demonstration of financial hardship)
  • Helping at a business (for-profit businesses should pay, not exploit, student labor)
  • Babysitting or cleaning house for a parent, friend or neighbor (is considered a family obligation, or a neighborly act — not community service)
  • Fundraising for a Crowder Organization or club (unless it’s a community service club or community related fundraiser)
  • Religious proselytizing, reading Bible verses or being an acolyte (however, service that relates to support of a church will be accepted – such as preparing or serving food for a dinner, cleaning the sanctuary pews, gardening, non-paid nursery duty)
  • Hours earned previous to enrolling into your COLL 101 course or in a previous COLL 101 course do not apply toward the Crowder Service Seed 4-hour requirement. This is because the Service Seed is integrated into the College Orientation 101 curriculum.

Pre-approval is required when service will be for…

  • An individual
  • A family
  • A for-profit business

When in doubt, check with your COLL 101 instructor or Katie Strohl (417-455-5559) first.