Reflection Essay

Reflection Essay Guidelines

FRESHMAN: Due by the Completion of the Current COLLEGE 101 Course

Turn in completed Reflection Essay to College Orientation Instructor

  • In the instance that the Service Seed requirement is not completed within the given time frame an Incomplete (I) grade will be issued. The Incomplete will be changed to the appropriate grade when this form and proof of service is turned in to Dr. Sherry Wilson; Division Chair (N333) or Katie Strohl; Learning Opportunities Coordinator (N332)
Reflection is a method of exploring and interpreting an experience in order to gain new understanding. A thorough reflection essay will present a compelling, personal, in depth view of you and your experience. This reflection can be a resource for creating scholarship and college admission essays that show how you stand out.

Your paper should include the following:

  • Your name
  • The name of the agency, group or organization where you volunteered
    • List all if you have volunteered in more than one location
  • The site coordinator’s or project sponsor’s name
  • An essay containing a minimum of 500 words in length, typed

Answer both questions:

  • Describe the influence community service has had on you. Be sure to give examples. How were you affected (positively or negatively) by the people and/or the places where you completed your community service?
  • Describe and give examples of the influence you made on the agency and the people with whom you worked. What have they learned from you?

Choose at least two additional questions from the following:

  • How did the importance of this service contribute to your growth as an individual in our society?
  • If you think service to others is important, will you volunteer your time again at some point in your life? Why or why not?
  • Describe your commitment to community service before you started. Did this commitment or attitude change? If it did, how?
  • How does the work you have done relate to the job or career that you plan to pursue after graduation?
  • What did you like about the community service work that you completed?

Service Seed requirement for graduation:

  1. Reflection essay
  2. A minimum of 4 verified service hours
  3. Extra Recognition BONUS: 2 points possible for each extra hour of service (up to 10 pts. maximum)

Rubric Statement:

Graded based on required length as well as content and relative level of reflection and thoughtfulness.