Overview For Supervisors of Volunteers

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Since the fall of 2010, Crowder College students have been required to complete 4 hours of service for their community as part of the College Orientation 1 credit-hour graduation requirement. The Service Seed represents the Crowder culture and provides an opportunity for more positive interaction between Crowder as a whole and the communities in which we are represented by students, staff and faculty.

How is Community Service defined?

Services volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit a community or its institutions.

To qualify as a Service Seed activity the service must be provided without pay to a nonprofit organization. The service must be primarily for the benefit of others, not the individual rendering the service.

When are volunteers available?

Crowder has a very diverse population. Our students come from all walks of life and scheduled for work and school during a variety of hours. As a result, if one student can’t help there will probably be someone who can! Weekdays, weeknights and/or weekends: It is up to the student and volunteer supervisor to set up a mutually agreeable schedule. The student is expected to treat this volunteer endeavor as they would a “real job”.

How can you get a student volunteer?

E-mail your information using the Post Opportunities link or call to have your information posted. This information will be posted online for all students, organizations and clubs to see. If a student is available at the times and for the kind of help you need, he/she will contact you for an interview. We hope that your need will be met but it will be up to the individual student to choose YOU!

Do you have to accept any student who applies?

No. It is your right to meet with the student in prior to accepting service, and we encourage you to do so. You will decide whether the individual or group will benefit your program. The student, in turn, will decide if he or she will fit into your organization.

What if you want the person you interview to do service for you?

Be sure that you and the student have a clear agreement about his/her tasks, responsibilities, and the purpose and goals of their services to be performed. Agree upon whom keep track of the student’s hours. The supervisor will need to sign and confirm the time sheets at the end of each meeting.

What can you expect of the volunteer?

Crowder College students will be respectful and show the utmost integrity. You can count on total dependability in attendance. You can and should expect that they be there every day agreed upon.

You may also expect high quality performance and a good attitude. You are supposed to be getting help, not taking on an extra burden. The basic test is that a volunteer’s presence should make your organization more effective.

Please contact Katie Strohl at Crowder if you have any concerns about a volunteer.

What kinds of things can you ask a volunteer to do?

Crowder wants our students to have opportunities to work directly with people and take on significant and responsible tasks that meet genuine needs. However, any professional job also involves material preparation and clerical work so this may also be expected of them. The key issues are that you get done what you need done and that at least a general outline of what is expected is clear from the beginning.

What is expected in terms of supervision?

Establish a clear working agreement at the beginning. Provide necessary training and orientation for the work expected. Give feedback on strengths and weaknesses, your level of satisfaction, etc. Encourage students, as you see fit, to take on additional responsibilities if the time and opportunity present itself. You do not need to watch each student do each task but you must be able to sign their time sheet with confidence that the hours of service were provided as agreed upon.

Will you be expected to grade a student?

No. We do however encourage you to write any additional comments you may have on your volunteer’s time sheet.

What if this arrangement just isn’t working out?

The basic criteria to keep in mind is that your program is more effective because of the volunteer’s contribution. It is very important that open communication take place. Please let both the student and Crowder (Katie Strohl: Opportunities Coordinator) know as soon as you suspect a problem, for your good, the student’s good, and the reputation of Crowder College.

Thank you for considering being part of the Crowder College Service Seed. We look forward to working with you now and in the future!