The Peer Tutoring Program is a FREE academic support service for Project NOW participants. This program offers free peer tutoring in requested courses each semester.

Tutors and tutees meet each week for one-on-one and/or group tutoring in the Project NOW computer lab or at other approved campus locations. Our tutors are carefully selected students who have achieved a high level of success in the course or discipline that they are tutoring. All tutoring is subject to tutor availability.



How to Sign Up for a Tutor

  1. Pick up and complete a Tutor Request Form from the Project NOW office on the 2nd floor of Newton Hall. This form must be signed by you and your instructor.
  2. Return the signed form to noel moffet in the Project NOW office.
  3. Set up an appointment to review peer tutoring program policies and finalize your tutor request(s). Your tutoring session(s) will be set up as soon as possible.

Reminder: All tutor requests are subject to tutor availability.

For further information, please contact Project NOW at