Counseling Services for Students

Crowder’s Counseling Center provides personal counseling services to any Crowder student. Our services are typically provided in a private office setting, meeting one-on-one with a counselor, although some small-group sessions may be available.

At Crowder, “personal counseling” which is sometimes referred to as mental-health counseling is sought by individuals trying to navigate the transitions and challenges of college life and who are having issues that interfere with their life satisfaction. Students seek counseling for common issues such as anxiety (test, performance, and/or generalized), depression, alcohol and/or drug use, relationship issues and stress management. The Counseling Center can work with minors (under the age of 18); however, a minor will need to obtain parent/guardian permission before any sessions take place.

Counseling is a process that requires participation from both the student and the counselor. Ultimately, though, it is the student who needs to take steps toward making healthy changes. A student’s lack of commitment to their treatment, including repeatedly missed or cancelled appointments may result in termination of services.