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Welcome to online and distance learning at Crowder College. Distance learning can offer many rewards for students; however, challenges exist in making the experience successful. The information in this section is designed to maximize your chances of a successful experience with online courses at Crowder College.


Student requirements:

  • College level English and Reading (Refer to How Do I Apply? for scores on ACT or COMPASS Testing)
  • Keyboarding and word processing skills
  • Access to a properly equipped computer with Internet

Helpful tips for successful online and distance learning:

  • Self-discipline is one of the primary skills needed in an online class. Students must discipline themselves to complete readings, study material, and complete assignments.
  • Self-motivation is key. While the instructor will be available for help throughout the course, in the end, it is up to the student to log in to the course and complete the assignments.
  • Reading comprehension is critical for success. Because the course is online, much of the material is accessed in text format. Textbooks, lectures, study guides, other helpful internet sites—all these will need to be read in a careful and critical fashion.
  • Avoid distractions — Unlike a traditional classroom that is generally focused and free from outside distractions, taking an online class generally means the student will be doing the majority of work at home. Finding time to work without distractions is a must. Making a schedule might be helpful.
  • Avoid postponing work — Every online course has a syllabus and a semester schedule that outlines assignments and due dates, working ahead is best.
  • Appropriate technology and environment — All online students will need a computer that has the appropriate hardware and software, along with a good internet connection. Check the requirements below before enrolling.

How can I tell which classes are online?

One way you can find online courses is to visit the Course Schedule and look at the Schedule of the classes listed.

Online Courses

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