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Water & Wastewater Management

“Water quality control operators are people who have the technological training to operate water and wastewater treatment systems.”

As more communities update their water and wastewater facilities and populations grow, the need for trained and certified operators will increase. Water quality control operators are people who have the technological training to operate water and wastewater treatment systems. They are responsible for seeing that treatment systems work properly and provide safe water at all times. The responsibility to meet federal and state requirements has led each state to require that water quality control operators be licensed before operating a plant.

“Designated Missouri State Training Center for the training of personnel involved in the operation, maintenance and management of water quality facilities.”


Employability – Career opportunities with industries and municipalities are posted for students and graduates. Postitions are available nation-wide in a variety of fields.
Low Cost – Tuition for the program has been adjusted to remain competitive in the industry and provide affordable training to municipalities and industries of all sizes. Voucher funds are accepted for those facilities who qualify.
MODNR Continuing Education Credit – Students pursuing individual course options will gain credit for maintaining existing state certifications in water treatment, water distribution and wastewater treatment. All courses are approved by the Department of Natural Resources and qualify for DNR Voucher funding.

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On Campus Training
Off Campus Training
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We provide in-service training courses for water and wastewater operators. These courses range in length from one day to ten days. The courses provide practical operational techniques and are usually specific to certain treatment processes such as activated sludge or trickling filters. New courses are added to the short course offering list as new technologies emerge and when new laboratory monitoring is required.

Crowder College offers specialized training for industry, consulting engineers, and municipalities on a contract basis. These specialized training projects are designed to meet the specific needs of the contracting agent. The training program is customized to the experience/education level of the student, the specific technology being operated and the regulations which apply to the facility being operated.

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
The Environmental Resource Center is expanding training into the area of onsite wastewater treatment systems under the administration of the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) for the State of Missouri. Crowder College was awarded a sub-grant through the EPA 319 Storm Water Grant to fund the design, construction, and operation of a fully functioning onsite wastewater demonstration site adjacent to the City of Neosho Wastewater Treatment Facility. Training will be conducted in accordance with the DHSS guidelines for onsite wastewater regulations. Persons holding license through the state in basic or advanced installers, inspectors and evaluators, onsite soil evaluators, and registered percolation testers will be offered continuing education credits through our training courses.