Nursing Application for Registered Nurse Program

  • Before submitting your application to the Nursing Department please make sure you have all of the items listed below.

    • Crowder College Application completed online (if not already a Crowder Student)
    • $40.00 (non-refundable) Application fee if applying to one campus, $50 if applying to two. This is a separate fee from the application fee to Crowder College for college admission. This application will not be processed until the application fee has been received by check, money order, or cash. Please mail Primary choice $40 and second choice $10. Or you can pay in person in the nursing department at the campus you are applying to.
    • Crowder College must receive an official transcript from all colleges before your application can be processed. If you have only attended Crowder College we already have it on file.
    • Copy of ACT or (converted SAT), composite score of 19 or above (or a minimum score of 18 will be accepted if GPA on completed general education courses for the degree is equal to or greater than 3.0)
    • Copy of LPN license or active certification for Certified Nursing Assistant, CMA, RMA, or EMT or Paramedic License (Missouri or equivalent) required prior to admission.
    • Completed Family Care Safety Registry (Available at, include printed report)


    For more information regarding the Crowder Nursing Program please visit:
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    Nursing Program Accreditation and Approval
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