Crowder College established its English Language Institute as part of our Developmental Learning opportunities in 1997. Since that time we have served non-english speaking students whether domestic or international. The classes are intensive, providing dedicated students with the opportunity to progress in the study of English as quickly as possible.

Crowder College has many students who begin in the ELI classes, study for two years here completing an associates degree and then transfer to 4 year colleges or universities in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas or in other states. Most universities and colleges require the same basic courses before studying classes in the student’s major. If a student knows which university he/she wants to transfer to, the student should check the “Course Catalog” of that university to know exactly which classes are needed so that the student does not take unnecessary classes here at Crowder. Crowder’s advisors can help the student with those decisions when it is time to enroll in college classes.

Students will be assessed upon arrival and placed in appropriate levels of instruction based upon the results of the COMPASS Computer based ESL test. A TOEFL score is not required for admission to Crowder College.

Language study at the Crowder College is typically divided into two semesters. All levels of instruction are available during the fall and spring semesters. The classes are intensive and concentrated, and the goal of Crowder College is to move the student into some regular academic classes with tutorial support by the second or third semester. Progression from level to level is based upon passing scores in all classes and standardized assessment test scores. Because participation is required for language acquisition, students may miss only 3 scheduled classes per block. Students are expected to make a grade of C (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or higher in each course in order to progress to the next level. For beginner level students, a slightly different schedule is incorporated generally adds one semester to the developmental English program.

Students who wish to enroll in ELI classes should follow the standard admission procedures. Admission procedures can be sent as an email attachment to a prospective student or may be accessed online. Students will be required to submit the standard documentation required of any international student, except that a TOEFL score is not required.

Students may also enroll in college classes in the same semester as ELI classes. Many students take Communications 80, English 100, Speech, Mathematics, College Success, or Athletic classes simultaneously with ELI classes.