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OTA Application Information

The OTA program at Crowder College is an Associates Degree program that takes two years to complete once you have been accepted into the program. This program is only available at the Crowder College Webb City campus. Twenty-five students are accepted for admission in the program each year. Courses of study are in a traditional classroom format along with community based fieldwork components during daytime hours.

The Crowder College OTA program is not an online program and evening courses are not available.

OTA Observation Form Packets are available the first of the year until August 1st.

OTA Application Packets are available mid-April until August 1st.

All completed packets must be turned in by August 1st.

Late packets will not be considered.

The courses in the First Semester of the Suggested Plan of Study are the prerequisites required for entrance into our program. All of the prerequisites do not have to be completed prior to applying to the program but do need to be completed by January if you are accepted into the program.

General Education classes on the OTA Plan of Study must be passed with at least a letter grade of “C”. You must retake any courses and get a letter grade of at least a “C” before applying/reapplying to the program.

All completed applications are scored based on the following criteria:

Grade Point Average (minimum college GPA 2.75)
Observation Experience Scores
Personal Essay
College Degree
Crowder College Student
Taking the preOTA course, OTA 199

The top 30 applicants are notified and must come to an interview to complete their final score. Once the interviews are scored, the top 25 applicants are offered a position in the OTA program starting in January.

Thank you for your interest in the Crowder College Occupational Therapy Assistant program,

Thomas Green M.Ed., COTA/L
Director – Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
Crowder College
600 Ellis Street
Webb City, MO 64870
Phone: 417-673-2437 ext. 208 Fax: 417-673-2300