Crowder College is a PLTW College Partner

Crowder College recognizes the skills that students acquire in PLTW courses. Through Project Lead the Way, students develop technical knowledge as well as problem-solving, process-thinking, communication and professional skills.

Crowder is pleased to offer the following opportunities to PLTW students:

  • Annual scholarship opportunities
  • Credit for PLTW coursework

Crowder College awards credit for courses taught by PLTW certified high school teachers for the following PLTW courses:

PLTW Course Title(s) CC Course CC Course Title Credit Hours
Introduction to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering DRFT 101

Introduction to Engineering Drawing and Print Reading


Introduction to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering DRFT 215

Advanced Computer Aided Drafting


Requirements to Earn College Credit:

  • High School Teacher must be PLTW certified
  • Student must pass the course with a B or better (80 percent or above)
  • Course grades must be on an official high school transcript
  • Students must complete the Crowder College Request for Prior Learning Credit Form, provide official high school transcripts and payment of $50.00 per course.
  • Crowder College courses will be transcripted at the completion of the student’s first semester at Crowder.

PLTW Scholarships

The Crowder College Foundation is pleased to offer merit based scholarships for students who participate in the PLTW curriculum. High school seniors who have completed at least two (2) PLTW courses, earning a grade of B (80%) or better in each are encouraged to apply.*

Scholarship Details:

  • Selected students will be awarded $600 per semester, fall & spring
  • Scholarship applies to tuition, fees and books and may be combined with other scholarship monies
  • Students should apply by March 1st deadline for priority consideration
  • Scholarship is renewable up to three (3) consecutive semesters with a minimum 2.75 GPA and successful completion of a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester


  • Students must complete a minimum of two (2) PLTW courses in high school and earn a grade of B (80%) or better in each
  • Students must apply and be admitted to Crowder College by April 1st
  • Students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester to be eligible
  • Students must maintain a 2.75 G.P.A. for renewal of multi-semester scholarships

The college is currently offering 4 new scholarships per school year.

* Students completing the second PLTW course during their senior year will need to submit their final transcript by June 30th in order to be considered for the scholarship.