Strategic Plan

After 50 years of service to Southwest Missouri, a decade of rapid growth and expansion, and the selection of a new president, in 2014 Crowder College engaged in an initiative to launch a new strategic plan to enhance and refine our current Continuous Tactical Planning and Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) processes.  Grounded in the principles of Servant Leadership and Appreciative Inquiry, the College engaged in extensive reflection, conversation, evaluation, and data analysis involving multiple stakeholders and working committees. Through this process, Crowder College found overwhelming consensus that four key concepts should guide our work.  The resulting Plan is structured in three key parts: Strategic Directions, Strategies, and Data and Targets.

Building on our B.A.S.E.: Crowder College Strategic Plan 2016-2020  recognizes, reinforces, and builds upon Crowder’s innate strengths; positions Crowder to enhance student success and development; and augments Crowder’s ability to fulfill our mission of “building a civil, serving, literate, learning community of responsible citizens.”

Steering Committees will coordinate, support, and assess the B.A.S.E. work of the plan.  However, if we are to be successful, each employee and stakeholder must take responsibility for advancing Crowder College in these four Strategic Directions. It is important that the four Strategic Directions not only guide our decisions, action, and allocation of resources, but also permeate our day-to-day work.

Where appropriate, the Plan aims to coordinate with and support the work of Crowder’s education and economic development partners.  To date, College Council and the Strategic Steering Committees have aligned the strategic directions in Building on our B.A.S.E. to the goals in the Missouri Coordinating Board of Higher Education’s A Blueprint for Higher Education.  A Strategic Connections Crosswalk was created to highlight that alignment.  Strategic connections with the goals and aims of the Missouri Community College Association, the Missouri Department of Economic Development, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, and other education and economic development partners are also being explored.

The Plan’s Structure

On July 25, 2016, the Crowder College Board of Trustees approved Building on our B.A.S.E.: Crowder College Strategic Plan 2016-2020.  The Plan represents the consensus about the direction of Crowder’s next phase of growth and development.  Likewise, the collective work of employees and stakeholder will ensure our vision is fulfilled.

The plan contains three keys parts.

Plan Structure

First and primarily, four Strategic Directions will guide Crowder’s work in the next four years.  These tenants delineate and focus our collective vision for Crowder’s preferred future.

Secondly, each Strategic Direction contains a number of specific Strategies which define the work which will help us reach our goals.  While the plan has been launched outlining a set of initial Strategies, it is important to note that Strategies are the living, breathing part of the Plan. The strategies must continually be assessed, refined, expanded, and completed, while additional Strategies must emerge and contribute to our progression.

Finally, in order to check our progress and measure our success, specific Data and Targets are included for each Strategic Direction.  Through these measurements, we will quantify our outcomes, hold ourselves accountable, and continually hone our work.

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