Are face coverings required on campus? In the classroom? Will Crowder provide coverings?
Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations, when social distancing measures are unable to be maintained, Crowder College recommends that all employees, students, and visitors to campus wear face coverings on all Crowder College campus sites. In our school facilities (such as commons areas, hallways, and classrooms) where a distance of six feet between individuals cannot be met, wearing a mask is recommended for your safety and the safety of others. Limited numbers of face coverings are available throughout campus.

Will instructors require a seating chart in class?
Yes, instructors will be required to maintain seating charts for all seated courses. This will aid with contract tracing, if needed.

If I get sick and can’t attend class, what should I do?
If you are not feeling well, have/had a temperature within the last 24-hours, or are experiencing any of the symptoms identified as COVID-19 related symptoms, please stay home, seek medical attention, and contact your supervisors/instructors.

Crowder is tracking all active or potentially active cases of COVID-19 as a way to stay informed and help minimize the spread of the illness. If you have been a close contact to someone with COVID-19, are exhibiting COVID-related symptoms, are awaiting a test result, or have tested positive for COVID-19, please submit a report at Once the report is received, someone from the College will reach out to you to discuss your status and appropriate follow-up procedures.
Students in quarantine or isolation, who are physically able, should maintain academic engagement in their classes.

Can I get a COVID test on campus?
Crowder does not administer COVID-19 tests. However, there are several local options for getting a COVID test. If you feel you need to be tested for COVID-19, please contact your medical provider or local hospital/care facility. If you do not have a medical provider, please contact your local health department and ask about community testing options.

Is there a plan for keeping students safe when we return to campus?
The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff is our highest priority as we plan for resuming operations on campus. A variety of mitigation measures will be implemented to maintain a healthy environment, including recommending face coverings in enclosed spaces such as classrooms or conference rooms, enhancing cleaning protocols and following CDC guidance on physical distancing. As members of our community, you must take it upon yourselves to stay home if you feel sick and practice good hygiene by frequently washing hands and using hand sanitizer. It is imperative that we all see this as a shared responsibility to adopt these new behaviors for the health and safety of the entire college community, especially staying mindful of any individuals who are at high risk or may have family members considered as such.

Will we be notified if someone has tested positive for COVID-19?
If a Crowder student or employee tests positive, the College will ask that individual to provide a list of people and places with whom they had “close contact” with 2-days prior to testing positive and/or showing symptoms. This information will aid in contact tracing.

Crowder will not disclose the identity of the affected individual with others, or anything specific about their medical condition or symptoms, except in a need to know situation. Crowder will post an updated information chart, COVID Counts, on the website to keep the college community informed on the numbers associated with COVID-19.

I will be living in the residence hall for the Fall semester. Will I be expected to get tested for COVID-19 before returning to campus? Will I be required to quarantine when I arrive on campus?
No, we will not be asking students to test or quarantine upon arrival. Because a test is a snapshot at one moment in time, our health departments have advised that this practice would be burdensome with little to or no benefit. However, students living in the residence halls will be asked to follow the “Housing Guidance/Procedures,” including daily self-monitoring for symptoms and reporting any COVID-related health concerns. Please contact Campus Life at or 417.455.5644 with any questions.

How will you enforce health and safety guidelines like recommending face coverings and physical distancing?
It is recommended for all members of our campus communities, including all visitors and vendors, to follow the health and safety standards. Physical distancing, face coverings and surface disinfection protocols will be in effect and will be encouraged for everyone on any of our campuses. The primary goal remains to mitigate transmission of COVID-19 on our campuses and in our communities; this is both an individual and a collective responsibility. As part of our Fall 2021 Campus Plan, we have outlined specific risk mitigation strategies.

Will the Fall 2021 academic calendar and related due dates change?
At this current time, the academic calendar  has not changed. However, the procedures and guidelines outlined may change as necessary to meet CDC guidelines, state or local restrictions, and the needs of Crowder College, its students, and employees. We will begin the Fall 2021 semester on campus starting Monday, August 23, 2021.

Will student groups and organizations be able to gather this fall?
Yes, student groups will be allowed to meet as long as they can adhere to the social distancing and/or face covering requirement.

Will the dining hall be open this fall?
Yes, at this time the dining hall and Roughrider Grill will be open.

Will there be sports this fall?
Yes, at this time, all sports will return to their normal semester schedules. We participate in National Junior College Athletic Association Division I and will adhere to their protocols and procedures.