July 22, 2019


There being a quorum present, the meeting of the Crowder College Board of Trustees of the Community College District of Newton-McDonald Counties, Missouri, was called to order by Board Chair Mr. Andy Wood at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, July 22, 2019, in the Student Center Fireside Room.


Members present for the meeting were:


Andy Wood, Chair

Diane Andris, Member

Vickie Barnes, Treasurer

Rick Butler, Vice Chair

Al Chapman, Secretary

Larry Vancuren, Member


Also attending the meeting were:


Glenn Coltharp, President

Martha Nimmo, Administrative Assistant to the President

TJ Angel, Director of Physical Plant

Cindy Brown, Director of Public Information

Jared Brown, Financial Aid Coordinator

McKenzie Conner, Title III Curriculum Specialist

Mitch Cordray, Director of Information Technology

Jim Cullumber, Director of Institutional Advancement

Chett Daniel, Director of Institutional Research

Eric Deatherage, Lee Library Director

JP Dickey, Director of Admissions

Kristi Enloe, Accounts Payable Accountant

Ike Isenhower, Paramedic Instructor

Mickie Mahan, Associate Vice President of Information Services

Megan Manley Alumbaugh, One Stop Student Services Advisor, Webb City

Adam Morris, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Melissa Oates, Director/Division Chair of Postsecondary Career and Technical Education

Monte Padgett, Director, Nevada Instructional Center

Amy Rand, Vice President of Finance

Tiffany Slinkard, Vice President of Student Affairs

Melissa Smith, Director, Joplin ATTC and Training and Development Solutions

Phillip Witt, Associate Vice President of Career and Technical Education

Keith Zoromski, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs


A few moments of silence were observed to prepare for the meeting. The following new employees were introduced and welcomed:  Jaclyn Kidd, Graphic Design/Multimedia Marketing Assistant; Crystal Rhodes, Public Services Librarian, and Sarah Swayne, Evening Library Assistant.


Minutes of Previous Meeting


Minutes of the June 24 regular minutes and closed session were approved as written and previously distributed.


Financial Reports


Mr. Wood noted that no Financial Reports are available today due to recent computer issues the College is having, and he asked Dr. Coltharp for an update. Dr. Coltharp said there was an all-staff meeting this morning providing a chance to review what has been happening the last couple of weeks and to thank the Information Technology Department for their hard work. He said this has created the opportunity for employees to show their true Crowder colors by pulling together to solve problems and to support each other. He thanked Mitch Cordray and the IT Department for their dedication to work around the clock saying their foresight to get insurance was the best investment we ever made along with the involvement of trained cyber forensic technicians to help at this time. Dr. Coltharp said we are putting in more firewalls and securing the system better than ever before. He said we, as a College, have been open with our information, and some of that may need to change although we will still meet the needs of our students and the community. He said Payroll and Accounts Payable are now working and Jenzabar with student information is secure and working. Dr. Coltharp said words cannot express our thanks for the great work IT is doing. Members applauded with thanks. Mr. Cordray thanked everyone for their support. He said we are bringing back what we can, getting new when needed, and following best practices to rebuild the system better and stronger for the future. When asked, he said there are ten IT employees working diligently. The Board asked him to relay sincere thanks to the entire Department for their hard work.


Policy Revision:  5.12 Alcoholic Beverages


Mr. Wood said this is the second time to consider this policy that would allow alcoholic beverages at specific Foundation events held on a Crowder campus. Dr. Coltharp said there were no wording changes from last month, and since then, he heard from two community members opposed to the policy. He said we discussed the policy details with them confirming that we will not use College funds for the purchase of alcohol, only donor funds, and only an external caterer will be used to serve alcohol. He said this is a very conservative policy that has been highly reviewed by Executive Council. He said the two concerns received felt we would be sending the wrong message to our students. Dr. Coltharp said this would be for only two or three Foundation events per year, but it would be very beneficial for the Foundation. Dr. Chapman apologized for not being able to attend last month’s meeting, but he also heard from community members who do not support this saying we do not want to discourage community donors because of the policy. Mr. Wood said he had not heard from anyone opposed to the policy saying it may be because we will not be using College funds for it. He noted we have had several off-campus events where alcohol was served in the past. Dr. Coltharp agreed saying the reason for this is because at some of the off-campus sites, the best location for an event is on the Crowder campus. Mr. Cullumber agreed saying the Cassville ‘Tour de Cass’ event is limited to about forty-five attendees due to lack of space, and the Cassville Community Center on the Crowder Cassville site would allow twenty more attendees which would bring in more revenue while also showcasing the Crowder site. He said the goal is to increase donors, and if this were approved, there would not be any changes to the Festival of Wreaths event. When asked, he said only one out of twenty Foundation Board members opposed the policy. Further discussion ensued. Mr. Vancuren noted that he also heard from a community member opposed to the policy. Dr. Coltharp said this is not a high priority issue and members should vote their conscience.  After further discussion, Mr. Wood called for a vote regarding approving revised Policy 5.12; the MOTION was declined with one in favor and four declining votes.




Dr. Coltharp recommended approval of the retirement of Chris Bandy, Computer Analyst/ Database Manager, who has been with the College for 27 years. A MOTION to accept his retirement with thanks for his service was made by Mrs. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Butler and unanimously carried.


Dr. Coltharp recommended approval of the following three resignations:  Abbey Snyder, Community Education/Office Assistant at CTEC; Christy Dunlap, Practical Nursing Instructor at Nevada, and Anna Lusk, Secretary (PT) at Nevada. A MOTION to accept all three resignations was made by Mr. Vancuren, seconded by Mrs. Andris and unanimously carried.


Dr. Coltharp recommended approval of the following ten employments noting that two are position changes:  Christy Dunlap, Nursing Program Coordinator/Instructor at Nevada; Anna Lusk, Office Manager at Nevada; Brandy May, Bookstore Customer Service Associate; McKenzie Conner, Title III Curriculum Specialist; Justine Douthit, Behavior Technician, Maddox Hill Behavior Support Center; Kaleb Hartgrave, Behavior Technican, Maddox Hill Center; Carley Jones, Behavior Technician, Maddox Hill Center; Shelbie Huffman, Behavior Technician, Maddox Hill Center; Paul DeNisco, Performance Consultant, Technical Specialist at Training and Development Solutions, and Amanda Shannon, Secretary/Receptionist (PT) at Webb City. A MOTION to approve all ten employments as recommended was made by Mrs. Barnes, seconded by Dr. Chapman and unanimously carried.


Facilities Corporation Directors


Vice President Rand reported the Facilities Corporation is a non-profit organization for the State of Missouri developed to follow the direction of the Board of Trustees as related to purchases of property, selling of property, and to issue bonds when needed. She said there is a separate board of directors for the Corporation which is required by its bylaws to meet at least annually. Ms. Rand said the six-member board meets the second week in July with each member serving three-year terms on a rotating basis. She said the meeting was held on July 9, and two members had expiring terms this year, Jim Armstrong and Heather Milleson-Garner, and they were elected to serve an additional three-year term. She said officers were also elected with Jim Armstrong serving as President. Ms. Rand provided a chart outlining the members, offices held, appointed date and term expiration date. She said we have not used this board in the past three years since 2016 was the last time that bonds were issued. Without further discussion, a MOTION was made by Mr. Butler to approve the Facilities Corporation Directors list as provided; the motion was seconded by Mr. Vancuren and unanimously approved.


Conflict of Interest Resolution


Dr. Coltharp said this is required by the Missouri Ethics Commission every two years, but it has been confusing as to which years it is needed so from now on, we will have this on the Board agenda for approval every July. Mr. Wood noted approving the Resolution allows Board members to not have to complete annual Financial Disclosure statements. He said the Resolution content has not changed over the years. With no further discussion, a MOTION to approve the Conflict of Interest Resolution was made by Mr. Vancuren, seconded by Dr. Chapman and unanimously carried.


President’s Update


Dr. Coltharp reported regarding state appropriation funding from the State of Missouri, Crowder is traditionally the second-lowest among state community colleges with OTC receiving the lowest funding per student. He said we have been working with OTC to adjust the appropriations.  Although there was not enough time in the spring legislative session, we took the issue to the MCCA Presidents/Chancellors Retreat, and we received unanimous support from all twelve community colleges for this issue to be the major focus to lobby state legislators in the coming year. He said each college will work with their legislators to request support, and our legislators have already been informed and are very supportive. Dr. Coltharp said our goal is for this to receive high priority in August and to pass quickly through the legislative process. He said we all receive a portion of the state funding pot, and if this adjusted funding formula is passed, community colleges would all receive more funding overall. He said we would probably still rank low among the colleges, but that is not important as long as our overall funding per student increases. Dr. Coltharp said the second most important legislative priority is to keep A+ funding as protected as possible. He said getting the other community colleges to agree to the adjusted funding formula is an accomplishment, and the MCCA Presidents/Chancellors will meet again on August 7 to work out further details.


Dr. Coltharp reported last week four Crowder presidents (Dr. Farnsworth, Dr. Marble, Dr. Methvin and himself) met with former Board Chair Mr. James B. Tatum for a recorded interview. He said Mr. Tatum talked about the early days of Servant Leadership, and the presidents visited with him about the impact it has had on employees and the College. Dr. Coltharp said it will be a great video for new employees to learn about Crowder’s history and culture. He said it will be shown at the September 27th Servant Leadership Conference and Professional Development Day and shown to the Board at a later date.


Dr. Coltharp reported we are working hard on our connections with universities. He said PSU will now be providing an advisor for the Crowder Campus sites and MSSU has hired a new advisor for Crowder that is a former Crowder graduate.  MSU still has a strong presence here, and CMU is increasing their involvement here as well. Dr. Coltharp said these are all great options for our students who are often scared about moving on to universities so making this personal connection can make all the difference as they move on to the next level of education.


Dr. Coltharp said on July 30 we are hosting a Cohort luncheon to thank all of the Cohorts for their service and to introduce and encourage the new Cohort. The new Cohort includes Aaron Sumler from Academic Affairs, TJ Angel from Finance, Lisa O’Hanahan from Student Affairs, and Lisa Adams as the fourth member. He said the Servant Leadership Conference in September is being led by the previous Cohort, and they have also created seven videos with local leaders focusing on the seven pillars of Servant Leadership.


Dr. Coltharp reported that on August 12 is the Foundation Annual Meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the Wright Center and RSVP is needed for the dinner. He noted All Staff Day is August 15, and instead of doing the evening All-Staff Picnic, we will be having a noon All Staff Picnic that day outside on the quad in which Board members are invited to attend. He said move-in day for students is August 17 and Fall 2019 classes begin on August 19. The next Board meeting is set for August 26.


Closed Session and Adjournment


With no further agenda items, Mr. Wood called for a motion to go into closed session. At 10:55 a.m., the regular meeting adjourned and a MOTION to go into closed session in accordance with RSMo 610.021 was made by Mrs. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Butler and passed unanimously on the following roll call vote:

            Andris:            Yes                   Wood:              Yes                   Vancuren:       Yes

            Butler:             Yes                   Barnes:            Yes                   Chapman:       Yes


Discussion took place with Dr. Coltharp and VP Amy Rand regarding a legal issue and real estate; no Board action was taken. A MOTION to adjourn was made at about 12:15 p.m. by Mr. Butler, seconded by Mrs. Andris and unanimously carried on the following roll call vote:

            Chapman:       Yes                   Barnes:            Yes                   Butler:             Yes

            Vancuren:       Yes                   Wood:              Yes                   Andris:            Yes




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