Request for Proposal – AWS Plasma Table

Request for Open Bid
Crowder College
December 18, 2020
601 Laclede
Neosho, MO 64850
Phone: 417.455.5773

Dear Prospective Bidder: 
Below is information concerning what we are seeking in the form of a material open bid from you.  Please see the end of this document for details on submitting a timely bid.  Thank you for reviewing this information.

Crowder College is requesting bids for an CNC Water Table Plasma Table. This bid needs to include a LinuxCNC® based interface. Running on integrated linear bearings, with speeds of 600 inches per minute. 400 oz-in stepper motors and 4:1 planetary gearbox interface to 16 DP helical rack in X and Y axes and a lead screw-based lifter in Z for precise and reliable motion. Hypertherm® 65 Powermax® plasma machine torch, consumable kit and power supplies, with the ability to pierce up to 1-inch material. This table needs to have the following specifications:

1.         All welded frame.
2.         Integrated Water Table.
3.         Helical Rack and Pinions.
4.         Torch Collision Break Away Crosshair Laser Pointer
5.         Sheet Cam Software with Training Included.
6.         CNC – Customized user interface, initial height sense, and arc voltage height.  Components on open-source LinuxCNC real-time motion controller.
7.         Table – 4’ x 4’
8.         Torch – Hypertherm Powermax 65 with machine torch, consumable kit and power source. Cutting up to 1”, Piercing up to 5/8”
9.         Drives – Ethernet-linked drive and I/O Box Integrated plasma control and arc voltage height control. 400 pz-in motors with planetary gearboxes on X, Y, and YY. 3/4″ wide, helical rack.
10.         Lifter – 400 oz-n motor with leadscrew motion. Integrated contact sense and magnetic torch breakaway sensor.
11.       Dimensions for 4’ x 4’ table: Length – 103.5”, Width – 68.6”, Table Inner Length – 53.75” , Table Inner Width – 39.5”
We ask that you provide us with a bid for the above project including all charges as well as a projected timeline.

We will need to have your bid by January 4, 2021 sent by email or regular mail.  Email address is  Mailing address is at the top of this document.  If sent by postal service, please send to the Attention of Kathy Collier, Grants Director.  If you have any questions regarding the bid specifications, please contact Kent Pruitt by phone at 417.684.4093. We thank you and hope to see your bid in the near future.

Kathy Collier, Grants Director
Crowder College
Phone: 417.455.5773