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On-Campus Service Opportunities

Date Volunteer Opportunity Location Contact Information
March 1, 2016
Hi Students, We would love for you to come and volunteer at our Blood Drive so you can get your service seed points. Here is some information: The National Cesar Chavez Blood Drive will take place March 1, from 9 am – 4 pm in the Crowder College Student Center on the Neosho campus. Crowder College is in competition with 300 other colleges and universities across the nation to win recognition, awards and scholarships based on collecting as much blood as possible. Therefore, we hope employees, students and the community will come out and help donate blood to save lives and help Crowder College place among the top universities for achieving its blood drive goals like it has in the past. Although donating blood will NOT count towards your Service Seed hours, volunteering at this blood drive WILL count!! Volunteers can select from the following list of volunteer activities they would like to perform on the day of the blood drive: – Giving juice and cookies to the blood donors (as they can feel tired after donating blood) – Working at the sign-in table (to ensure all donors get checked in) – Giving out t-shirts to all blood donors – Dressing up in the Blood Buddy suit to help advertise the blood drive.
Student Center
Neosho Campus
Anita Botello-Samson
CAMP Academic Advisor
April 18-20, 2016
Lee Library
Friends of the Library Annual Book Sale. Volunteers need to help set up, work the event, and tear down. Monday-Tuesday 7:00am-8:30pm; Wednesday 8:00am-2:00pm.
Student Center/Fireside Room
Neosho Campus
Robin Wolven
McDonald/Newton County Master Gardeners
Rain Garden Maintenance
Smith Hall
Neosho Campus
John Hobbs
Newton County Extension Office
Processing monthly newsletters and additional activities the 1st and 3rd week of each month!
Smith Hall
Neosho Campus
Verna Simkins