Closer to College (C2C)

Stream SainParticipants attend a minimum of four hours one Saturday per month during the academic year. Freshman students examine a wide range of student success topics (memory techniques, time management, note-taking, self esteem, etc.) and receive instruction in data analysis (how to graph sets of data, learn how to make conclusions based on a data set, etc.). Sophomores receive the same instruction in student success topics but spend the remainder of the day improving their technical writing skills. Juniors receive intensive ACT instruction in each of the four ACT subsections (math, reading, English, and science reasoning) while seniors focus on hands-on activities pertaining to financial aid, college selection, resume building, career exploration, and college survival.

Rice Game

Parents are also encouraged to attend Closer to College. Topics for parents on 21st Century issues and technology include teen issues, breakthroughs in digital technology, stress management, time management, communications skills, memory techniques, and hands-on activities.