Closer To College (C2C)

Participants attend a minimum of four hours one Saturday per month during the academic year. Freshman students examine a wide range of student success topics (memory techniques, time management, note-taking, self esteem, etc.) and receive instruction in data analysis (how to graph sets of data, learn how to make conclusions based on a data set, etc.) and technical writing. Sophomores receive the same instruction in student success topics but spend the remainder of the day improving their research and writing skills. Juniors receive intensive ACT instruction in each of the ACT subsections (math, reading, English, writing and science reasoning). Seniors focus on hands-on activities pertaining to financial aid, college selection, resume building, career exploration, and college survival.

Making Snowcones

Parents are also encouraged to attend Closer to College. Topics for parents on 21st Century issues and technology include teen issues, breakthroughs in digital technology, stress management, time management, communications skills, memory techniques, and hands-on activities.

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College Prep Academy

College Prep AcademyThe College Prep Academy (CPA) is a six-week summer residential program. For the first five weeks, participants spend half of each day attending core courses in math, science, composition, foreign language, and literature. The remainder of the day, participants are involved in a wide variety of student selected research projects. Each student is afforded one major project during the summer. Students are allotted daily, tutor-supervised study time. The evenings are divided between organized activities and free time. The CPA culminates with a cultural trip during the last week (to places such as Chicago, Dallas/Austin, Washington D.C., Corpus Christi, etc.)



Bridge ParticipantsBridge participants (students who have graduated from high school and are now making the transition, or bridge, from high school to college), are enrolled in six college credit hours at Crowder College during the College Prep Academy. The Bridge Specialist works with the Bridge students tracking daily progress in their classes, meeting with each student individually to ensure college readiness, and providing other assistance as needed. Bridge participants are afforded the same privileges as CPA participants.