Nevada SSS

SSS GroupStudent Support Services is a federally funded Student Support Services program, whose objectives are to improve the retention, graduation, and successful transfer of our participants.

Project Services
The Crowder College SSS program serves 140 students on Crowder’s Nevada campus and is committed to providing a supportive environment where participants can have their academic, career, and personal needs met.

Primary Services of SSS

  • Academic support
  • Study groups and individualized tutoring
  • Enrollment assistance
  • Career Guidance
  • Personal advisement
  • Cultural opportunities
  • Assessments (personality, study skills, career, learning styles)
  • Computer lab
  • Scholarship information
  • Resource library
  • College transfer assistance
  • Weekly workshops on:
    • Stress management
    • Note-taking
    • Test-taking skills
    • Resume writing
    • Financial aid
    • Time management
    • Etiquette
    • Attitude
    • Many other helpful topics