Compass Testing

Compass Testing is a walk-in service for the Neosho campus. Students from the Webb City, Nevada, and Cassville should call for availability. Also during peak times all students need to make an appointment.
Please provide yourself enough time to test!

NEOSHO 417.455-5602

*Walk-in basis during regular SSC business hours and based on computer availability.
WEBB CITY 417.673.2345

*Call for availability
MCDONALD COUNTY 417.226.6000
CASSVILLE Instruction Center 417.847.1706

*Walk-ins available, call first for large groups
MONETT 417.236.2895

NEVADA Instruction Center 417.667.0518
MOUNT VERNON 417.461.0237

Crowder College is committed to providing a positive educational environment for all students. The COMPASS placement test is a self-directed, computerized assessment which evaluates a student’s reading, writing, and math abilities to ensure proper placement in courses. Based upon individual test results, the student is enrolled into college courses or college-prep courses that are designed to prepare for success in college level coursework.

The COMPASS exam is required for all first time students who are seeking a degree, enrolling for seven or more credit hours, or enrolling for a course that has a placement requirement. Transfer students who have not completed their freshman requirements in English and/or math will be required to take the Crowder College placement exams or provide adequate ACT scores.

A student may not have to take a section(s) of the COMPASS if the student’s ACT scores meet certain placement criteria. Non-degree-seeking students that plan to enroll in some courses may not have to take the whole placement exam. However, at a later date, they may have to take other portions of the COMPASS if they change to degree-seeking.

TESTING LOCATIONS: Testing services are available at all Crowder campuses. See information above for a listing of locations, phone numbers and email addresses. Testing on the main campus in Neosho will be conducted in the Testing Center located on the third floor of McDonald Hall in room 318. Students with disabilities that wish to have accommodations for testing need to identify with the Office of Disability Services (ODS). For more information please call 417.455.5733.

TEST LENGTH AND SCORES: The COMPASS test is untimed; however, examinees should allow approximately one hour for each exam section. The complete exam battery is about 3 hours, depending on the speed of the examinee. Score reports are available immediately after testing and are valid for two years from the test date.

CALCULATORS: Calculators are permitted on the math portion of the COMPASS.  For more information about the calculator policy, please check the ACT website,, or call 417.455.5433.

TESTING FEES: All new Crowder College students are required to pay a $25.00 application fee, which covers the cost of the first attempt of the COMPASS. Dual credit / dual enrollment students have the fee waved if the test is taken at a Crowder campus; if taken at a high school, contact the school for more information about their fee structure. Students that are taking the COMPASS for another college or university are required to pay a $15.00 fee per test. Students who wish to improve their scores by retaking all or part of the COMPASS for Crowder College course placement, are required to pay a $5.00 retake fee per section. All fees can be paid online, at the Neosho Cashiers’ Office on the first floor in the Farber building, or with the appropriate office at other campus sites. Payment will be required prior to testing.

RETESTING: In alignment with ACT regulations, Crowder College students have the option of one retake per section per academic year. Dual credit / dual enrollment students are allowed two retakes per section per academic year. ACT states that allowing more than one retake per year compromises the integrity of the exam and that, “statistically, placement rarely changes from the original score.” Crowder College honors the highest COMPASS scores achieved for placement in prerequisite courses for enrollment the following semester.

Students cannot retake a section on the same day the test was administered. According to ACT, the probability of the student scoring at or within a couple of points of the original score is not very high without proper studying for a second administration of the test. This is also the experience of the SSC staff. However, if a student demonstrates dire need for an immediate retake, an appeal may be made to the SSC director or Crowder campus site managers.

TRANSFERRING SCORES: Scores from a COMPASS exam taken at another institution may be transferred to Crowder College, provided the exam was taken within two years. The scores can then be converted to Crowder placement levels. Please contact the original institution’s testing department to have the scores faxed to the Crowder College records department at 417.455.0505.

REMOTE TESTING: COMPASS testing can be taken remotely at a local college or university that has the capability for ACT remote testing. Remote testing must be scheduled with the SSC Testing Center and the remote location. Placement scores and course recommendations will be provided as per Crowder College placement criteria, regardless of the location the exam is taken. Please contact the SSC Testing Center at 417.455.5433 for more information about this service.

DISABILITY SERVICES: It is recommended that any student with a disability requiring special accommodations contact Crowder College’s Office of Disability Services (ODS) prior to taking the COMPASS. For example, an individual with a reading disability may require a reader for the exam and would need to be scheduled in advance. Other conditions, such as physical or visual disabilities, need to be reported ahead of time so proper accommodations can be prepared. Please visit the Disability Services section at or call 417.455.5733 for more information.

TEST PREPARATION: Students can visit ACT’s website at, which gives sample questions and additional COMPASS specifications. Students may also find a COMPASS guide at their local Crowder campus.

QUESTIONS: For further information or questions concerning COMPASS, scores, or course placement:

  • Visit the SSC Testing Center at the Neosho campus, located on the third floor of McDonald Hall, room 318
  • Call 417.455.5433
  • Email at

ATTENTION: All test materials are the property of ACT; therefore, students are not allowed to copy or take any portion of the COMPASS test outside the testing facility. Any scratch paper(s) used during the exam will be collected by test proctors for shredding.