Compass Testing

Compass Testing is a walk-in service for the Neosho campus. Students from the Webb City, Nevada, and Cassville should call for availability. Also during peak times all students need to make an appointment.
Please provide yourself enough time to test!

NEOSHO (417) 455-5602

*Please call or email for group testing dates and times.

WEBB CITY (417) 673-2345

*Call for availability

CASSVILLE Instruction Center (417) 847-1706

*Walk-ins available, call first for large groups

NEVADA Instruction Center (417) 667-0518

About Testing

Crowder College is committed to providing a positive educational environment for all students. The COMPASS placement test is a self-directed, computerized assessment which evaluates a student on their writing, reading comprehension, and math abilities to ensure proper placement in Math and English courses. Based upon individual test results, students are enrolled in college courses or into college-prep courses which are designed to prepare the student for success in college level coursework. In addition to the COMPASS, first time students take a keyboarding assessment.

TESTING LOCATIONS: Testing services are available at all of Crowder’s campuses: Neosho, Cassville, Nevada, and Webb City.  See information below for a listing of locations, phone numbers and/or email addresses to contact staff at our locations. Testing on the main campus in Neosho will be conducted in the Testing Center located on the third floor of McDonald Hall. The COMPASS is available on a walk-in basis (no appointment necessary), during regular SSC business hours, and based on computer availability. For students at Webb City, Nevada, and Cassville need to call first for availability. Also during peak times all students need to make an appointment.  For large groups wanting to test several students, please contact the SSC for scheduling.  In addition, students with disabilities that wish to have accommodations for testing need to identify to the Office of Disability Services.  Please refer to the COMPASS Guidelines for more information, or call ODS at 417-455-5733.  Periodic evening and Saturday testing options are available on scheduled dates throughout the year.

TEST LENGTH: The COMPASS test is not timed, but examinees should allow approximately one hour for each section of the exam.  At least, a rough estimate is approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours for the complete battery of the exam, depending on each individual’s speed.  It could take more or less time; please plan accordingly.  Many students complete the exam within 2 to 2½ hours, but it is wise to allow up to 3 hours for the entire session.  Calculators are permitted on the Mathematics examination.  Please see the posted list of prohibited Texas Instruments, Casio, and Hewlett-Packard calculators at the link below, or call 417-455-5602 to determine if your calculator is allowed.  Score reports are available immediately after testing.  COMPASS placement scores are valid for two years from the test date.

TESTING FEES: Crowder College requires a $25.00 application fee for all new students. The testing fee is included in the $25.00. You must present your receipt for the application fee at the time of testing.  On the Neosho campus, application fees are paid at the Cashiers’ Office in the Farber Building, first floor.  At the off-campus centers, application fees are paid in the center’s office.

RETESTING: Students who wish to improve their scores by taking all or part of the COMPASS test a second time will be charged a $5 retesting fee for each section (Math, English and/or Reading). Retest fees should be paid in the same manner as the application fee listed above. Proof of payment will be required prior to testing. Be sure to bring the receipt to your retesting session for proof of payment.  More information about COMPASS guidelines and re-testing is available at the link below.

TRANSFERRING SCORES:  COMPASS scores from an exam taken at another institution can be transferred to Crowder College (provided that they were taken within two years).  Scores from other institutions can be converted to Crowder College placement levels.  Please contact the original source for taking the exam, and have the Testing Department fax information to the SSC at 417-455-5625.

REMOTE TESTING:  COMPASS testing can also be taken “remotely” at a local college or university, provided that the local college or university has the capability for remote testing with ACT.  For questions and availability of this service, please contact the SSC at 417-455-5602.  Remote testing requires scheduling with the SSC and the remote location.  Most schools have a fee for remote testing, and an average cost could be $25+ for this service.  Once a remote exam is scheduled, it will be like sitting on Crowder College’s campus, and placement scores and messages for classes will be provided for Crowder College, no matter where the exam is taken in the state, region, or nation.

TEST PREPARATION: Crowder College has made a brief guide on how the computerized assessment functions. This guide is available upon request, or by clicking on the link below.

QUESTIONS:  For further information or questions concerning your assessment scores or course placement, visit or call the SSC Testing Center at the main campus, located in McDonald Hall, third floor, or call 417-455-5433, or email at

Sample questions and other COMPASS information