2017 Distinguished Service Award

Ross & Vicki Babbitt – The Babbitts have always held education near and dear to their hearts. They have faithfully supported Crowder College Foundation for many years. Theirs is a legacy that began more than 50 years ago when Vicki’s mother partnered with former Crowder College Trustee James Tatum to garner community support for the establishment of a junior college in Southwest Missouri. The two canvassed neighborhoods door-to-door and played a vital role in the founding of Crowder College. Years later, when Vicki was approached about serving on the Crowder College Foundation Board, she eagerly accepted. She served in that capacity for 17 years. She also serves as a current member of the Crowder College Facilities Corporation. They have served as a lead sponsor for Festival of Wreaths for many years. The Babbitts have made a profound difference for Crowder College through faithful giving.



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