The Crowder Connection: Instate Tuition Scholarship

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The Program:

Qualifying students who are residents of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas will be granted the privilege of enrolling at in-state tuition rates. Initially, the total number of grantees are limited to 100.

Residency Qualifications:

High school graduates/transfer students must reside in the approved counties and be able to produce evidence of residency including:

1. A current Real Estate or Personal Property tax receipt for an approved state.
2. Rental Agreement or records of monthly receipts to evidence, at least one year of residence in an approved state.
3. Employment transfer.

Academic Qualifications:

For first time students:

1. A 21 cumulative score on the ACT, or
2. A 3.0 average G.P.A.

For Transfer students:

1. A 2.75 G.P.A. on a minimum of 12 credit hours

Eligible students may attend classes at our main campus in Neosho, or at our Cassville, Nevada , and Webb City Instruction Centers. Crowder College is now offering classes in McDonald County.