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Motorcycle Rider Training

Motorcycle Rider Training Brochure

The purpose of the Motorcycle Rider Program is to provide quality instruction in safe riding techniques for beginning and experienced motorcyclists. Our goal is to increase your skill level and knowledge, in an attempt to produce safe and conscientious motorcyclists.

Instructors: Certified Instructors with the National Motorcycle Foundation

The Basic Rider Course

This course is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge and skills for people who have never ridden, as well as those who have ridden up to 10,000 miles. The novice or occasional rider can benefit in the areas of skill development with emphasis for survival as a street rider.

Because the Beginners Rider Course can be taken in lieu of the range-riding portion of the Department of Revenue license examination, successful completion of a written and skills evaluation is required to pass the course.

Students must be 15 ½ years of age or older
(parental consent required for 15½ -17 years of age).

Motorcycles and helmets are provided.

The Experienced Riders Course consists of six hours of skills practice and discussion on the range.

BRC (Beginners Riding Course)
Beginning April 12-13, 2014. Open the Motorcycle Rider Training Brochure for more information.
Class schedule is as follows:
Saturday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Cost is $225