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  • Student must be seeking a degree from Crowder College: A+ may not be used during a summer home from another college.
  • Student must enroll as a full-time student (12 or more credit hours in the fall or spring) and maintain full-time enrollment through Financial Aid Census Day in order to be eligible for A+ reimbursement. **
  • Student must meet the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) minimum requirement of 2.5 or higher for reimbursement.
  • Student must complete the FAFSA for the correct academic year and provide all required information to the Financial Aid Office in order to complete their Financial Aid file.
  • Student must complete the A+ agreement and A+ Release of Records half sheet with the A+ Coordinator.
  • Student must have an official high school transcript with the A+ Seal/Stamp on file with the Records Office.

**A+ will pay for a student to be less than full time only if:

  • The student has a documented disability and has an ADA letter on file with the A+ Office from the Office of Disability Services Coordinator
  • The student plans to graduate at the end of the semester, has applied for graduation with the Record’s office, and has notified the A+ Coordinator.

Common Questions:

In what programs may you enroll?
A+ students may enroll in programs of study for an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, or a Certificate.


For how long are you A+ eligible?

Your A+ benefits are good for up to four (4) years after your high school graduation or upon completion of 105% of the hours required for your degree program of study.


How do you keep eligibility?

To keep eligibility, you must carry a minimum of 12 credit hours in the fall or spring, 6 hours if taking summer classes, and maintain at least a 2.50 cumulative grade point average. Financial aid files must also be complete.


Do you have to use A+ right out of high school?

No, you have four years from your high school graduation to use your A+ benefits. However, you are only eligible to receive A+ benefits until you have reached 105% of the hours required for the completion of the degree you are seeking at Crowder College no matter who paid for all of those hours. If you attend another college out of high school and then decide to attend Crowder College to complete one of the offered degrees, your previous hours could be counted towards the 105% A+ limit. Always check with the A+ Coordinator to verify eligibility.


Which aid is applied first…PELL or A+?

PELL is federal money and A+ is state money. As such, PELL has to be applied to your bill first. It also must be applied in a specific order: 1st Tuition, 2nd Fees, 3rd Bookstore Charges, 4th Housing, etc. As A+ can only pay for tuition and facility use fee, PELL will reduce the amount that A+ can pay. If you are PELL eligible you are eligible to receive two semesters of assistance during an academic year. Be sure to have your A+ in order as financial status can change from year to year.


If I drop a class or classes will I lose my A+?

As long as you are a full-time student until the end of the Financial Aid census day you will not lose your A+ for the semester. However, remember, if you drop a class or classes after the Financial Aid census day you will owe for the course(s) out of pocket during the same semester that the drop(s) occurred. The academic calendar for the semester is accessible from the Crowder website.


Do I have to take classes in the summer in order to keep my A+.

Absolutely not. If you choose to take summer classes you must enroll as a full-time student (minimum of six hours during the summer semester) in order to use your A+ benefits.


If I take more than twelve (12) hours during a semester (fall or spring) will A+ pay for it?

A+ will pay for the tuition and facility use fee for all hours taken during a semester. However, if you receive approval for an override of hours (21+) then this will need to be approved by the A+ Coordinator.


Does A+ pay for repeated courses?

No, A+ will not pay for repeated coursework if A+ was utilized to pay for the course(s) the first time.


If I drop a course and then enroll in the same course but as a 2nd 8 week class, how does this affect my A+?

As long as you were a full-time student at Financial Aid census there is no reason that you would have to add a 2nd 8 week course unless you simply want to do so. If the course(s) is dropped after the Financial Aid census day then you will be required to pay out of pocket for the dropped course(s). The added course(s) would be covered by A+ but remember that 2nd 8 week courses are much more rigorous due to the condensed time period. The academic calendar for the semester is accessible from the Crowder website.

Loss of Eligibility

You can lose eligibility by:

  • Not enrolling in and maintaining full-time status through Financial Aid Census Day.
  • Letting your cumulative grade point average fall below the 2.50 minimum requirement.
  • Taking more than the required time to complete your degree (4 years or 105% of degree requirements).
  • Not completing a FAFSA for the appropriate academic year.
  • Not completing all Financial Aid paperwork required to complete your Financial Aid file.
  • Graduating from Crowder College.


How are you reinstated for A+ funding after loss of eligibility?

Depending on the reason that eligibility was lost, you must do one or all of the following to be reinstated for the next semester:

  • Raise your cumulative grade point average to a 2.50 or higher and/or
  • Complete the number of credit hours that you lack to be considered a full-time student and/or
  • Complete the necessary paperwork for Financial Aid.


If you do not meet the above criteria, you will be responsible for all charges.

For Additional Information Contact:

Kelli Cragin
A+ Coordinator