AS Pre-Engineering

Suggested Course of Study – AS Pre-Engineering

preengineeringThe Associate in Science (A.S.) Pre-Engineering degree is a cooperative program between Crowder College and the School of Engineering at the University of Missouri-Rolla. Although not specifically designed for transfer to other engineering schools, the A.S. program does incorporate the essential course work for the first two years of study in any engineering field at other universities.

Some of the course requirements vary with the engineering department test cooperating in this program. In such cases, students will need to consult with the adviser as to the appropriate class for a particular engineering major.

Crowder College and the School of Engineering at the University of Missouri-Rolla have instituted a co-admission advisement and counseling program for pre-engineering majors. Students enrolling at Crowder can be simultaneously enrolled at UMR. A smoother transition between the two institutions and a greater level of career counseling can be provided for students by allowing them to enroll in career development and other specified UMR classes on Crowder’s campus. Students are also allowed to participate in special pre-registration programs on the UMR campus.

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Pre-Engineering, Associate of Science Degree
Alternative Energy Option

preengineering2This degree includes technical electives from our alternative energy program. Please see catalog.