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The Associate of Arts Degree in Graphic Design provides the career student with the basic and comprehensive tools of art and design foundations. With a solid academic structure from Crowder College, students can transfer to four-year institutions where bachelor’s degrees are offered in graphic design, digital media and computer arts. Elective courses should be determined by contacting the college and department to which students wish to transfer. The following program is suggested if students have not yet chosen the institution to which they plan to transfer following graduation.

Program Requirements:

Art & Design AA

Art & Design Recommended Plan of Study

Courses Included in Art & Design: 
ART 101 – Art Appreciation (3-0) 3 Credits
This course is a survey of major concepts in the visual arts and their relation to the societies that produced them. Art Appreciation is an introduction to the history of art, contemporary art, art theory, artworks, media, and creative processes. The student will develop an increased appreciation for the visual arts, the usage of media as a means of communication, and the parallel relation to specific styles, periods and cultures. This course partially fulfills Humanities general education requirements. (Required core for Art & Design/Graphic Design majors.) (Fall-Spring-SUMMER)

ART 103 - Introduction to 2-D Design (2-4) 3 Credits
This comprehensive visual arts foundation course introduces 2-D design theory. The studio and lecture presents the elements of composition, principles of organization and color theory. Contemporary and historic models of expression are explored with an emphasis on creativity. (Required prerequisite course for Art & Design/Graphic Design majors) (Fall)

ART 104 - Introduction to 3-D Design (2-4) 3 Credits
This comprehensive visual arts foundation course introduces three-dimensional design theory. The studio and lecture course presents the elements of art and principals of design as applicable to three-dimensional forms. The aesthetics of contemporary and historic models of expression are explored with an emphasis on creativity. (Required core course for Art & Design/Graphic Design majors.) (Spring)

ART 105, 205 - Topics in Art 3 Credits
Variable content, appropriate to student needs, is included in this elective course. Lectures and/or studio projects in the fields of art history, computer art, design, drawing, fibers, graphic design, ceramics, sculpture, painting, and current art subjects may be used. (This course may not be used to fulfill a major in art requirement. Consult the registration schedule for specific topics when class is offered.) (Fall-Spring)

ART 106 - Drawing I (2-4) 3 Credits
Drawing I is a beginning level, fundamental art department course investigating a variety of media, techniques and subjects. The course explores perceptual and descriptive possibilities with consideration to drawing as a developmental process as well as an end in itself. (Required core for Art & Design/Graphic Design majors) (Fall-Spring)

ART 107 - Painting I (2-4) 3 Credits
Painting I highlights composition and visual concepts through historical and contemporary applications. Visual elements and design principles are investigated in directed studies, which include the still life, landscape, portrait, abstract and nonobjective concepts. Drawing and design skills are emphasized. (Required core for Art & Design majors.) (Prerequisite or corequisite for Art & Design majors: ART 103) (Fall-Spring)

ART 110 - Ceramics I (2-4) 3 Credits
This course introduces Ceramics through hand-built and wheel-thrown methods of construction. Clay and glaze preparation, construction techniques, and use of the potter’s wheel are emphasized. The historic and theoretic applications of clay design and ceramics as a fine art medium are explored through sculptural and functional applications. (Required core for Art & Design majors.) (Fall-Spring)

ART 111 - Sculpture I (2-4) 3 Credits
Sculpture I introduces the fundamental development of three-dimensional design forms. Sculptural and environmental relationships are explored. Expressive concepts are encouraged with various media and techniques. (Required core for Art & Design majors.) (Fall-Spring)

ART 206 - Drawing II (2-4) 3 Credits
Drawing II is an intermediate level fundamental art and design course investigating a variety of media, techniques and subjects, exploring perceptual and descriptive possibilities with consideration of drawing as a developmental process as well as an end in itself. (Prerequisite: ART 106 or permission of the instructor) (Spring)

ART 207 - Painting II (2-4) 3 Credits
Painting is continued with more advanced theories. Design problems include greater visual and conceptual complexity. Individual styles, personal drawing and painting techniques are emphasized in directed studies. Historical and contemporary aesthetics are explored through lecture, discussion and application. (Prerequisite: ART 107 or permission of the instructor) (Fall-Spring)

ART 210 - Ceramics II (2-4) 3 Credits
A continuation of Ceramics I, this course is offered to students who wish to continue their studies in ceramics and fine art. An advanced exploration of materials and processes associated with clay, glaze, and firing operations are emphasized. Students will develop their own concepts through advanced studies in aesthetic, historical, functional, and sculptural ceramic applications. (Prerequisite: ART 110 or permission of the instructor) (Fall-Spring)

ART 211 - Sculpture II (2-4) 3 Credits
A continuation of sculptural form features more advanced three-dimensional design theories. Aesthetic mass and space relationships utilize a wide range of materials and techniques. (Prerequisite: ART 111 or permission of instructor) (Fall-Spring)

ART 215 - Graphic Design I (3-0) 3 Credits
Graphic Design I is an introductory course with an emphasis in computer graphics and desktop publishing. Students will utilize current graphic design software to create electronic illustrations. Graphic Design I focuses on desktop publishing, page layout, type and image applications. (Required core for Graphic Design majors) (Fall-Spring)

ART 216 - Graphic Design II (3-0) 3 Credits
Graphic Design II is an introductory computer graphics course with an emphasis in digital image/photo editing and web design. Students will utilize current graphic design software to create, alter, manage, and store digital images and creative illustrations. Graphic Design II includes the design/production and layout skills necessary to generate and maintain a web site. (Required core for Graphic Design majors) (Fall-Spring)

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