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Tech Prep

Tech Prep is a partnership between Crowder College and the following High Schools/ Career and Technical Educations Centers:

Crowder College Technical Education Center
Franklin Technology Center
Carthage Vocational Technical Center
Nevada Regional Technical Center
Lamar Vocational Technical Center
Southwest Area Career Center
McDonald County High School
Carl Junction High School
Butler High School
Northeastern Technology Center

The program offers a sequence of courses in a career and technology field beginning in High School/Career and Technical Education Center and continuing at Crowder College. Tech Prep better prepares students for college and careers by focusing on rigorous academic courses that apply to actual work situations. You earn Crowder College credit at NO COST TO YOU for courses taken in High School, save money on education and reduce the time it takes to complete a college associate’s degree.

If you are interested in attending Crowder College, Tech Prep may be the program for you.

For more information, please contact:

Greg Jackson
Tech Prep Coordinator
Crowder College
1-866-238-7788 ext. 5633