Diesel Technology

Grades 11-12
The Diesel Technology program is a two year program designed for students who desire a career in the field working with or related to diesel vehicles. This program uses curriculum approved by the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)/National Automotive Technology Education Foundation (NATEF) Certified Program. Students will be ready to continue their education with a major in Diesel Technology or enter the workforce.

College Credit
CTE Credit by Exam
Upon graduation from high school, students can have college credit for their high school course work. The ‘blue’ CTE Credit by Exam application may be obtained from your counselor. Your high school administrator or counselor will verify the student maintained a “B” or better in their Career and Technical Education (CTE) course work, 90% attendance, and a passing score on their Technical Skill Assessment (TSA). Students will turn this form into admissions when they apply to Crowder College. Once the coursework has been approved by Crowder College and the student has complete 12 credits of instruction at Crowder College, the CTE Credit by Exam coursework will be added to the student’s Crowder College transcript. There is a $50 fee for each course.

Dual Credit
The Dual Credit Program, offered through Crowder College, allows high school students, while still attending the high school program at Crowder College Technical Education Center, the opportunity to enroll in and receive both high school and college credit during normal class hours. Participation in the dual credit program enables high school students to get a “head start” on their college career as well as prepare them for the challenges of college courses.

Requirements include:

  • Student has completed their sophomore year of high school and be 16 years of age
  • Has at least a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale
  • Be recommended for admission by a high school counselor
  • See other Student Requirements and Student Expectations on the Crowder College Web Site

This opportunity will cost the student $60 per credit hour to be paid while the student is enrolled in the high school course. The course work will appear on the student’s Crowder College Transcript once the high school course is finished.

The following can be earned through CTE Credit by Exam or Dual Credit

DIES 124, Preventive Maintenance – 4 Credits
Preventive Maintenance is the key to keeping today’s high tech diesel equipment in the field and on the road. This course covers the procedures for a major inspection including the selection of filters, evaluation of lubricants, oil sampling, selection of fuels, inspection of tread wear patterns, and adjustment of the various components.

DIES 144, Diesel Engines I – 4 Credits
This course is designed to acquaint the student with diesel engines and the processes that are needed to properly overhaul an engine. Topics include disassembly, parts identification, measurement of parts, parts reusability, rebuilding of various sub-assemblies, and proper re-assembly of the engine.

DIES 164, Diesel Brake Systems – 4 Credits
This course acquaints the student with the various brake and suspension systems found on today’s heavy-duty trucks and equipment. Hydraulic and air brake systems are discussed along with componentry of each system.

DIES 184, Electrical/Electronics I – 4 Credits
Theory, operation and testing of various electrical systems found on industrial and trucking equipment will be covered. Topics covered include: basic electricity, batteries, circuit types, starting motors, generators, alternators and regulators, lighting and auxiliary circuits.

Clarence Brewer
ASE Certified