Child Development

Grades 11-12
Child Development is a two year program designed for students who wish to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education. Graduates are prepared to continue as an early childhood teacher at Head Start or in a private institution. Students will focus on children ages 3-5. In addition to classwork, 480 hours will be spent working in a state approved early childhood facility.

Students will prepare for the Child Development Associate Certification. Upon graduation, students will be eligible to take this national certification test.

College Credit
CTE Credit by Exam
Upon graduation from high school, students can have college credit for their high school course work. The ‘blue’ CTE Credit by Exam application may be obtained from your counselor. Your high school administrator or counselor will verify the student maintained a “B” or better in their Career and Technical Education (CTE) course work, 90% attendance, and a passing score on their Technical Skill Assessment (TSA). Students will turn this form into admissions when they apply to Crowder College. Once the coursework has been approved by Crowder College and the student has complete 12 credits of instruction at Crowder College, the CTE Credit by Exam coursework will be added to the student’s Crowder College transcript. There is a $50 fee for each course.

Dual Credit
The Dual Credit Program, offered through Crowder College, allows high school students, while still attending the high school program at Crowder College Technical Education Center, the opportunity to enroll in and receive both high school and college credit during normal class hours. Participation in the dual credit program enables high school students to get a “head start” on their college career as well as prepare them for the challenges of college courses.

Requirements include:

  • Student has completed their sophomore year of high school and be 16 years of age
  • Has at least a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale
  • Be recommended for admission by a high school counselor
  • See other Student Requirements and Student Expectations on the Crowder College Web Site

This opportunity will cost the student $60 per credit hour to be paid while the student is enrolled in the high school course. The course work will appear on the student’s Crowder College Transcript once the high school course is finished.

The following can be earned through CTE Credit by Exam or Dual Credit

ECD 101, Foundations and Theories in Early Childhood Education – 3 Credits
This course is an introduction to early childhood education including a historical perspective of early childhood education, relating to parents and other professionals in the community, and advocating or children and families. (Prerequisite: Reading at least at Reading Level 1)

ECD 103, Health, Safety & Nutrition of Young Children – 3 Credits
This course covers a review of health/safety practices recommended for childcare and includes information on common diseases and health problems. Certification preparation is provided in pediatric safety, CPR and first aid. Guidelines and information nutrition and developmentally appropriate activities are also studied in the course. (Prerequisite: Reading at least at Reading Level 1. Successfully complete first aid and CPR certification for adult, child and infant by the end of the semester.)

Kelly Burton