Missouri Center for Career Education (MCCE)
Region VIII Career Education Coordinator

The MCCE Career Education Coordinators (formerly New Traditions) form a network of professionals focusing on nontraditional careers, as well as providing information and expertise in career awareness, exploration and planning for various audiences.
Career Education Coordinators promote nontraditional career awareness and also work with the National Career Clusters Initiative. These coordinators are an excellent resource for career events and workshops.

MCCE sponsors the Breaking Traditions Award Program for outstanding nontraditional students. This program seeks to encourage more participation by Missouri students in nontraditional careers. The contest also increases public awareness of career and technical education throughout the state.

Through the regional coordinator, the Displaced Homemaker Fee Waiver Grant is offered to qualified individuals. Displaced homemakers are divorced, widowed, separated, or have disabled spouses, who must prepare for paid employment.* They have worked primarily without pay to care for the home and family. Displaced homemakers are generally women, but there are men who fit the definition and have been served with these funds. The tuition waivers are used to offset the cost of tuition for eligible recipients to enroll in a long-term career training program. (Taken from DESE website.) *Unmarried parents are also eligible. Interested students should contact the regional office.

Janet Reppert is the Career Education Coordinator for Region VIIII. She is on the Crowder campus several times throughout the year to work with students. When she is not here, she may be reached at 417-235-7369 or jreppert@monett.k12.mo.us.

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