Presidential Profile
Crowder College

  • An earned doctorate from an accredited institution is preferred
  • Have evidence of highly successful service as a senior administrator in an organization of similar complexity
  • Have the ability to work effectively with an elected board of trustees
  • Have the ability to bring excitement to all of the college’s involvements and to lead in establishing Crowder College as the ‘College of Choice.’
  • Have an understanding of and commitment to the comprehensive community college philosophy with evidence of strong support for all of its endeavors
  • Have evidence of a deep understanding of and passion for teaching/learning processes and a record of strong support for all involved in this primary function
  • Have evidence of strong motivational communication skills in all venues – oral, written and effective listening – with the ability to write and speak concisely, both extemporaneously and formally
  • Have demonstrated financial skills in sound budget creation, careful management of finances in ongoing operations, a strong ability to lead in fund raising for existing and new programs, and to work effectively with the Crowder College Foundation Board.
  • Have a demonstrated ability to lead in furthering cultural sensitivity, diversity, and international experience
  • Have a demonstrated ability to work effectively with community groups, governmental and educational entities, and the local citizenry
  • Have the ability to lead in meaningful planning to encompass capital improvements, expanding service to meet the needs of the people of our service area, being aware of educational trends, and assessing the effectiveness of these efforts
  • Have the ability to lead in a constant improvement of human resources through employment of quality people and a genuine desire to see every employee develop both personally and professionally
  • Have the ability to lead in promoting continuous quality improvement processes
  • Have the ability to build consensus in decision making, and foster receptive listening abilities
  • Have a record of commitment to the success of all students in terms of competency and immersion in the Crowder College vision.